Friday, March 16th 2012

HIS Also Launches A Pair of Radeon HD 7950 IceQ Series Graphics Cards

Apart from launching a pair of Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards based on its IceQ X² cooler, HIS also launched a pair of graphics cards based on the Radeon HD 7950 GPU, which are cooled by its latest IceQ iTurbo cooler. This cooler was also featured on HIS HD 7870 IceQ iTurbo. Based on this cooler, HIS launched two models, the HIS HD 7950 IceQ (model: H795Q3G2M), and HIS HD 7950 IceQ Turbo (model: H795QT3G2M). The base model features reference clock speeds of 800 MHz (core), 5.00 GHz (memory); while the Turbo model features a slightly bumped core clock speed of 900 MHz, with no change in memory speed.

Both cards use new HIS IceQ iTurbo cooling solution, which consists of a lateral-airflow design. From the GPU base, two 6 mm-thick and two 8 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat-pipes arise, conveying heat to a small but dense aluminum channel array. A lateral-flow blower directs air through these channels, where heat dissipation takes place. Unfortunately, with the way this cooling solution is designed, you require three expansion slot bays in you chassis you accommodate one of these cards (check out the top-view picture). The cards use AMD reference-design PCBs that are colored blue, to match HIS IceQ color-scheme. HIS did not give out pricing information.
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9 Comments on HIS Also Launches A Pair of Radeon HD 7950 IceQ Series Graphics Cards

Wow that's actually a pretty cool looking design (no pun intended)
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that 'blower' fan looks unique.. doesnt it cover the PCB area immediately below it, there s a gap below it... also, the raised fan shroud might take up more than 2 slots - 2.5?
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If blowers are so noisy and bad at moving air why not just use a shallow normal fan at a 25 degree angle? Or a just put a slope under it. It's all boxed in anyways so the air will get where it needs to go.
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I find this fugly
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Why it's the plastic casing so big when the fan is so small? toysh design.
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Finally, they got rid of that hideous clear plastic housing. I might actually take them seriously now.
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I have a 4670 HIS that used to be mine for overclocked gaming works great in my parents HTPC now. what 3 years now... Its had a hard life and still going...
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The Exiled Airman
looks good to me actually, i dont see why people here are bitchin and moanin about it.
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