Thursday, March 22nd 2012

AVADirect Starts Selling NVIDIA GTX 680 Graphics Processing Unit

Today AVADirect, a leading custom computer manufacturer, announced that they are now selling the new NVIDIA GTX 680 graphic processing unit. The GTX 680 is based off of the previous 580 graphics processing unit that NVIDIA has been re-inventing for the past year. They produced ground-breaking performance benchmarks, and reached a whole new level of capabilities that were not tapped by the graphics community, until now. The GTX 680 promises to reach new heights and create a serious impact in gaming and 3D rendering performance.

NVIDIA GPU Boost Technology is similar to the Turbo Boost function seen in Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The graphics processing unit will increase the clock speed based on current demand allocated to the graphics card. If you're immersed in a game, and you come across a scenario that takes more graphics processing power, the Boost Technology will increase the core clock thus keeping gameplay as smooth as possible. TXAA Technology, developed by Nvidia, is a new form of anti-aliasing that combines core functions of FXAA to create a balance between performance and image quality. Adaptive Vertical Sync enables per your current frame rate to provide the most fluent gameplay throughout many games available. PCI Express 3.0 has recently been adopted by Intel's X79 chipset and promised increased bandwidth for more performance. By using this technology through the bus of the graphics card, performance will be heavily improved, over a PCI Express 2.0 expansion slot.
AVADirect has always been a key innovator when it comes to custom systems. Armed with Nvidia's new GTX 680 graphics processing unit, the world-renowned computer builder can begin to offer lower-cost, performance oriented configurations in one unique package. Configurations, such as gaming, workstation, and image generators can take advantage of the 3D vision capabilities offered by the GTX 680. Previously, SLI configurations were recommended for optimal performance and visual experiences. Now, the GTX 680 allows end-users to take advantage of the full capabilities offered by a single GTX 680 graphics processing unit. AVADirect recently added new low-noise Gaming and Performance configurations. The GTX 680 is a key player in these configurations when considering the decrease in power draw, which in return reduced the amount of fan noise generated by this graphics card.

When asked about the new GTX 680 graphics processing unit, Misha Troshin, CMO of AVADirect, had this to say: "NVIDIA once again proves to be the ultimate visual innovator and GTX 680 is no exception. More frame rates, less power consumption, improved acoustics and great price point is a perfect combination for any enthusiasts and professionals alike. AVADirect is exited to participate in GTX 680 launch and looks forward to a great partnership with Nvidia to bring tremendous value for its customers across the market place".

AVADirect has begun to offer the GTX 680 in all Gaming, Workstation, Performance, and Server configuration. They will increasingly begin to offer more flavors as they're released by various manufacturers such as ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, and MSI.
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i don't know .. listed price is 499$ .. on ebay gtx 680 is 700-800$ on avadirect its $587.10
so what is this ?
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