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Thecus Introduces the W Series NAS Servers

Thecus has received hundreds of awards during its history for its innovative and reliable hardware, helping countless people all over the world to share our new digital-era treasure: data. Thecus believes in diversity. That’s why they are releasing a new Windows Storage Server-powered NAS product line to help you share your files using Windows Storage Server 2008 R2: the W Series. Three models will be available: 8-bay W8900, 12-bay W12000 and 16-bay W16000.

“The release of the W Series is the start of a very fruitful relationship with Microsoft that will help us achieve our main goal: to satisfy more and more Thecus users with high-quality network appliances,” says Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology.
Explore the reliable and powerful Thecus NAS appliance powered by Window Storage Server 2008 R2. This appliance offers new tools to manage and fulfill business needs. The appliance provides a network platform that allows users to access computers that are running Windows Server 2008 R2. With the latest Windows Storage Server Service Pack 1 (SP1), RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory are two additions that increase user flexibility and control.

“We are pleased to see Thecus utilizing Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 to deliver a cost effective, reliable, and scalable solution,” said Thomas Pfenning, General Manager, File Server Foundation, at Microsoft. “This will help customers address challenges of managing and providing access to the growing amount of data that businesses rely on.”

Besides easy integration within a Microsoft infrastructure and finer optimization for Windows transfer protocols, users who are familiar with Windows Server will now have more familiar interface for managing and protecting their essential business data. In addition, Microsoft updates its product to maintain the security level of its appliances. And finally, the whole Windows ecosystem and community are available to help. Enabling functions such as replication, anti-virus, data backup and so forth has never been so simple and well documented.

Key benefits of a Windows-powered NAS include enhanced power, data and server management capabilities. Paired with Thecus’ W series, the possibilities are endless.

Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Standard Edition
Some useful features delivered with Windows Storage Server make storage more efficient and thus less costly!
  • Traditional files protocols (NFS, SMB..) are optimized to work better together
  • Single Instance Storage (SIS): Transparent file de-duplication can maximizes space efficiency, saving up to 60% of capacity. When hard disks became a precious resource, this is an essential feature!
  • iSCSI target: The classic set-and-forget architecture lets you configure your storage as a regular disk over the network and use it on a daily basis without users’ even noticing it.
  • Remote administration: Simply connect to an easy-to-remember link and remotely access the control panel through any web browser on any computer
Thecus Hardware: reducing costs but not quality
Thecus is a company entirely dedicated to storage and network sharing. The main advantage of reaching the high level of excellence is that Thecus helps customers optimize costs and quality. The hardware used for the W series has been tested and approved by media and users all around the world. And you can also benefits from Thecus prices, which give you the best value because of the experience and optimization delivered by our R&D teams.

Thecus products are always delivered using the best quality available on the market. For instance, take high-speed transfers: Thecus NAS appliances are delivered with USB 3.0 (10x faster than USB 2.0).

The following table summarizes the key specs of the W series:

For more information, visit the product pages of W16000, W12000, and W8900.
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