Thursday, March 29th 2012

Razer Will Make a Naga MMO Variant for Lefties, If 10,000 People "Like" the Idea

Being a leftie can be hard if you're a gamer, and especially an MMO gamer, since all the good MMO mice are optimized for the rightie mainstream. Razer is making an attempt to address this, by offering to work on a Razer Naga MMO mouse variant, provided there's sufficient public interest in it (to make it a worthwhile venture for Razer, which is understandable). It put up a poster on its Facebook page, which called for lefties to "Like" the idea. If at least 10,000 Facebook members Like it, Razer will go ahead with it. Not all lefties craving a good MMO mouse might be aware of this campaign, so we in the press are doing our bit. It would be sweet if righties "lend a hand", too. Find the poster here, like it.
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19 Comments on Razer Will Make a Naga MMO Variant for Lefties, If 10,000 People "Like" the Idea

OMFG imana buy this even if I don't use it lol I've been bugging them about making LH Naga, guess its paying off!

7850 likes in a week wow

Thanks for posting this bta :)
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I'm a southpaw. I'm too used to using a mouse with my right hand though. Still, I'll buy one and check it out.

I also added my like to it.
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I liked it ,Why my father is a lefty and he bug the hell out of me every time he has to use his mouse,I bought him a wireless Logitech m305 or something,I set the buttons for left but the software breaks after a week.....Would be nice to have the hardware version of it.
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bear jesus
Good to see a company asking their consumers if they want a product, although they probably did some market research first and wanted to release it anyway but did this as a combination of proving market viability to some extent along with gaining much free advertising which is pretty positive as it looks like the company is just doing what their consumers want them to.

Really i would like to see company's ask their consumers more about possible future products as i am sure many things were thought to be a non viable product when they could have sold well and i guess left handed gaming mice could have been one of those products as they seam relatively rare.
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Liquid Cool least someone is thinking about the lefty's. I'll buy one.

I hope you right-handed guys are helping us get to 10k...;).


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you lefty guys uses 'lefty' keyboard too?
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nINJAkECIL said:
you lefty guys uses 'lefty' keyboard too?
Im a lefty and I don't but I use my mouse buttons the same way rights do

I have tried right handed and can do it but I cant get used to it, for normal uses I am fine but games it feels wrong :wtf: and that feeling would take a very long time to go away (6months-1year)
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Will make 10000 eeeeeasy. I liked it and Im rightie. :)
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DannibusX said:
I'm a southpaw. I'm too used to using a mouse with my right hand though.
Same here. Growing up I was forced to do several things right handed, such as a computer, eating etc. I liked the idea myself and if the mouse is priced right, i may get on for the Hall of Fame closet where I store my hardware and such :D
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I'm lefty, but i never had problems using standart mouses with a left hand.
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Eh I have a handicapped right hand so I never got the chance to really be able to use a mouse the way it is meant to be use
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Even though i am left-handed i don't like the poster
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Lefty here as well, but i use the mouse with the right hand. I feel kinda' guilty for betraying the lefties in this way but i'm used to moving the mouse like this. The strange thing is that when i move the mouse with the left hand it feels like wringing with the right. I know for a fact that it's not a good idea to mess with the brain's laterality, but i can't help it.

Anyway, i really hope they studied the market before this Facebook thing, it would be sad for this product to fail, making them ignore the lefties in the future.

For a marketing research/marketing campaign, the use of Kickstarter would be more appropriate, this way the requesters put their money where their "like" is :) of course this applies to small numbers production. It would be silly to ask the perspective buyers to pay in advance for every product, then where would be the risk in business and what would be the reason for such high profit margins... [end of business rant] :)
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TPU addict
nINJAkECIL said:
you lefty guys uses 'lefty' keyboard too?
Left handed people don't need a left handed keyboard gaming wise. Just need game companys stop being cheap bastards by not making the whole keyboard configurable.

Lefty's to me have a better key setup with a right handed keyboard.

Anyways all for this by next year i am sure i will of worn another expensive mouse out and be looking for another lol.
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