Monday, April 9th 2012

Raspberry Pi Passes CE Quality Assurance Testing

Raspberry Pi passed Europe's Conformité Européenne (CE) quality mark testing, which now lets its makers sell it to European consumers. Shipping of Raspberry Pi came to a halt earlier this month, as the device was found to be lacking a CE mark to be able to sell to European buyers. "We just received confirmation that the Raspberry Pi has passed EMC testing without requiring any hardware modifications," said Raspberry Pi foundation spokesperson Liz Upton wrote on the official blog. "There is still a mountain of paperwork for us to sign, and that then has to be looked over by RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell; but that’s a piece of cake compared to what we’ve been doing all week," she added.

Source: Raspberry Pi
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4 Comments on Raspberry Pi Passes CE Quality Assurance Testing

Hooray ?
Really, even if they didn't pass the tests, officials should make an exception for these little buggers.
Any news about a more "mass" production ?
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I think that "mass" production will start once it will also be sold with an enclosure etc. included (being a more "finished" product for the non-hobbyist people).
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They had initially planned to sell it as an engineering/development board but the suppliers (RS and Farnell) wouldn't sell them until CE testing took place.
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