Wednesday, April 11th 2012

Borderlands 2 Developer Already Detailing DLC

According to Kotaku and Shack News, Borderlands 2 developer Gearbox Software is already working on DLC before the game is even released. What can you expect? A new character class. At a PAX East panel this past weekend, the developer showed conceptual images for a new Mechromancer class. The class will be available to everyone when the DLC hits 60-90 days after the game hits shelves, but it will be free to those that pre-order the game, according to Kotaku. Gearbox also detailed two special editions for the game. The first will be the "Deluxe Vault Hunters Edition" for $99, completed with a bobble-head doll of game narrator and weapons dealer Marcus Kincaid. The second will be the "Ultimate Loot Chest Edition," which offers a Borderlands 2-style loot chest, sans hydraulics. Finally, the Gearbox gang tossed out Easter eggs with codes inside, redeemable at a special website, that allowed attendees to compete to potentially insert their names into Borderlands 2 or Aliens: Colonial Marines as an Easter egg.

Source: ShackNewsKotaku
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yeah, it didn't hold mine either the first 2 times i played it - but once i got into the mood for diablo, it clicked. it is repetitive for sure, but that's kind of central to how the game works.

that being said, they needed a better mission system. which borderlands 2 will have, so no longer will it be just fetch and kill missions, but there will be complexity and variance to them as well :)
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I do hope they learned from bioware, make the game a solid value first then well talk about DLC!
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
digibucc said:
humor, guns, & loot - the best combination :)
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Im ok with DLC as long as its addition to original content, not ripped out of it..
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For starters, they are talking about releasing DLC 60-90 days out, and people are talking like they literally are lopping chunks off the game. This isn't BioWare, Gearbox is always working on content for their games, and they approach balance very gracefully, so odds are if they are planning on adding another class, they are going to want to work on it for quite some time before just tossing it in there.

I am very excited for Borderlands 2, and might get the CE.
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I got the first one plus all the dlc for like $4 and still haven't played it. I have such a huge steam backlog :(
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I didn't really like the first time i played borderlands either but something clicked once i gave it a chance; after i got into it i started to play co op which was its big selling point for me.

Day one DLC is a con. Time between going gold (when the game is "pressed" to disk) to release is insufficient to release proper DLC expansions and "meaty" content. I have no desire to pay for one or 2 maps or a single weapon, this type of DLC to me is bullshit and one step closer to free to play models; this is the type of content that doesn't take long to create. Day one DLC to me seems to be ideas held back from the game in order to sell them, like i said the time period is insufficient from going gold to release. Seems to me some companies hold back and get people to create DLC well before it goes gold.

Maybe they should work on bug fixes and patches up till release instead of DLC and when the games gone gold they can start work on DLC.

EDIT: If the games nearly done and DLC is just at a design stage then i see no problem.
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