Monday, April 16th 2012

Thecus and McAfee Partner to Launch NAS Device with McAfee Technology

Thecus and McAfee are teaming up to provide protection to NAS devices. Thecus is the first to bundle McAfee anti-virus software within a NAS to provide customers a trouble-free NAS experience.

Ultimate User Experience

This partnership sets new standards within the NAS community by recognizing the request of many users seeking virus protection and prevention. Users can rest assure that they'll be piloting a powerful yet reliable NAS system. This effort also fosters a friendly user experience by offering antivirus protection right out of the box.

Main Features

- Comprehensive detection so threats are isolated before they can spread
- Removal of viruses, worms, and other malicious code
- Reliable and accurate detection, without a costly false-alarm problem
- Effective scanning of compressed, archived, and packed files
- Support for a wide range of platforms
- Scan engine SDK for easy integration into third-party applications

"Thecus' approach is to facilitate the most advanced NAS available, while moving forward with the best antivirus software. Our alliance with McAfee enables us to close in and meet our goal, and ultimately deliver the most dependable NAS to the community," said Florence Shih, Thecus General Manger.

"McAfee and Thecus are leading the way in delivering a new secure NAS solution which offers customers the AV protection they need in a user friendly solution," said Tom Moore, Vice President of Worldwide OEM Sales at McAfee.

Thecus NAS now ships with McAfee

Starting April 16, 2012, Thecus NAS will ship with McAfee AV, offering home, SMB and enterprise customers best-in-class hardware and AV to carry on daily responsibilities.

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2 Comments on Thecus and McAfee Partner to Launch NAS Device with McAfee Technology

a_ump this is just them saying "our AV software will be on this network" compared to you having to have it on your computer? interesting but i'm not sure if it'll be anymore effective than what they currently have. Now what would be kickass is if they contacted a major IP provider and teamed up with them. then software would be filtered through your IP, course i'd expect internet prices to rise a touch.

Though this raises a question for me, when on your computer with a fresh AV install you have to sometimes allow programs to run because a lot of AV's mark everything suspicious until you configure it, so how will their AV be configured without messing up applications you may try to run that require the net, yet you have no access to the AV's control panel. hmm?
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