Wednesday, June 13th 2012

EIZO Launches FORIS FS2333 Gaming PC Monitor

Eizo Nanao Corporation today introduced the FORIS FS2333, a 23-inch full high-definition (1920 x 1080 native resolution) home entertainment monitor. The FORIS FS2333 is designed for gaming as well as other leisure activities such as watching movies and editing photos. It features all-new tone mapping technology called "Smart Insight" with five settings for RTS (real time strategy) and FPS (first person shooter) games that EIZO co-developed with Fnatic, one of the world's leading professional esports teams.

Smart Insight automatically identifies dark areas of an image and improves visibility. Important details in the shadows such as the location of an opponent become easier to spot so gamers can react more quickly. Because Smart Insight uses tone mapping, it improves visibility in dark areas while preserving image details without reducing contrast. This is a significant improvement over conventional gaming monitors which attempt to achieve improvements in visibility by applying gamma correction uniformly across the image resulting in blur and low contrast in dark areas.
The FORIS FS2333 comes with two other "Smart" technologies called Smart Resolution and Smart Detection. Smart Resolution is EIZO's own super-resolution technology that analyzes an image for noise and blurring and then corrects the blur without accentuating the noise. This feature is "Smart" because it adjusts only those areas where it is needed. It even distinguishes skin tones and text from other content and optimizes how they are displayed. Smart Detection identifies where on the screen a video or game is being played and applies super-resolution processing to sharpen the image while leaving other areas untouched.

The FORIS FS2333 uses an IPS panel and a mercury-free LED backlight. The IPS panel offers vivid display of color and wide 178° viewing angles. The gray-to-gray response time is just 3.4 ms, the fastest for a monitor of this size with an IPS panel. The input lag, which is the difference between when a signal is input into the monitor and then shown on the screen, is just 0.05 frames.

Other features gamers will enjoy include speaker and headphone jacks, a remote control with access to the on-screen display menu, and multiple connectivity options with dual HDMI inputs, one DVI-D (digital), and one D-Sub (analog) input.

A scaling function is included for those who play games at less than the monitor's native resolution of 1920 x 1080 but want to take advantage or the monitor's 23-inch screen size. The scaling function enlarges the image while maintaining the aspect ratio or expands it to fill the entire screen.

An ergonomic stand allows for positioning the screen at an angle most comfortable for the user. It includes 60 mm of height adjustment, 25° of tilt and 344° of swivel. It also comes with a handle on the backside which makes it simple to carry the monitor to a gaming event.

For amateur digital photography enthusiasts, this monitor is compatible with EIZO EasyPIX, an optional color matching tool consisting of calibration software and a color sensor. EIZO EasyPIX calibrates the monitor's brightness, color temperature, and gamma to specific values.

Additional Features
  • 250 cd/m2 brightness and 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.
  • Five preset modes - Cinema, Paper, sRGB, Game, Eco – and two user adjustable modes.
  • Dual 0.5 watt internal speakers.
  • Red, blue, and gray color stripes included for affixing to the front of the monitor.
  • Auto EcoView brightness sensor that reads the ambient lighting and adjusts the screen's brightness to the ideal level.
  • Five-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
The FORIS FS2333 begins shipping in July. Date of availability varies by country. EIZO will unveil the monitor at DreamHack Summer 2012 from June 16 – 19 in Jönköping, Sweden. Visitors to DreamHack can try it out in the EIZO booth located in Hall B03:04. The FORIS FS2333 will also be featured in two other upcoming esports events that EIZO is sponsoring – the HomeStory Cup 5 in Krefeld, Germany from July 5 – 8 and the North American Star League (NASL) Season 3 finals in Toronto, Canada from July 14 – 15.

For more information, visit the product page.
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9 Comments on EIZO Launches FORIS FS2333 Gaming PC Monitor

~Technological Technocrat~
"Smart Insight" sounds like more of a gimmick then something gamers would actually use. Most users and also gamers dont touch the brightness settings ever again, once their monitors been unboxed and set up.
Other features gamers will enjoy include speaker and headphone jacks, a remote control with access to the on-screen display menu, and multiple connectivity options with dual HDMI inputs, one DVI-D (digital), and one D-Sub (analog) input.
Other features gamers will enjoy are using their OWN speakers.... Speakers for LCD screens are at best very poor sound quality. No bass, No mids, No body and a rather harsh sounding 'rasping' tone almost like if someones licking the only ear you can hear from if you are deaf in the other ear.... So NO gamers will NOT enjoy it.

Other features that gamers will find useless: headphone jacks, a remote control with access to the on-screen display menu

Headphone jacks on gaming screens are a waste of time as gamers usually have a dedicated sound card so would preferably plug into instead, even at lan games.

the only time where i think someone would REMOTELY find this useful is in an office environment where people have cheap websurfing and wordprocessing grade PCs and not gaming machines where they would like to listen to music or watch videos online while their on break so long as they are connected via HDMI. Nothing is said about analogue audio inputs so I assume it doesnt come with any.

no mention of price so i will stick with getting a catleap as its probably going to be cheaper.
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Not bad at all! Just a few minor notes, EIZO:
- Forget about the inbuilt speakers.
- Gamers don't need a scaler in the screen, video cards can do that.
- Make it 100 or 120Hz! Your "3.5ms" IPS panel should be able to do that easily.

Next, a 27" 2560x1440 version of the above please.
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The most important question is..............

is it a true 120 hz refresh rate, or is it 60hz with interpolation??
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mechtech said:
The most important question is..............

is it a true 120 hz refresh rate, or is it 60hz with interpolation??
The FS2333 is, unfortunately, just a 60Hz screen. EIZO never claimed otherwise.
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Completely Bonkers
1920 x 1080, 60Hz, how boring.

+1 to comments by Freedowm and Mistral.

EIZO are WASTING MONEY spending $ on marketing inferior products when they should instead be pushing and investing in quality and resolution. (They USED to do this... I spent THOUSANDS of company dollars on Eizo when TFTs first came out... with and without inbuilt speakers... but all very fine products in their time. But now there're better products from other manufacturers. Strategically, it is incompetent: brand dilution and brand damage making PR and therefore awareness of the Eizo brand around inferior rather than superior products. PR team should fall on swords. New strategy director needed. I'm shorting the stock)
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In my opinion, the specs of this monitor are very strong. 2 hdmi ports, a DVI port, and VGA port, and 2 sounds jacks (and not to mention 1080P resolution)! Very strong indeed...

However, if the price is too high, this monitor will be overlooked by most gamers.
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It shows a company selling out without heart. Claiming to be targeting a specific market while knowing nothing about that.
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