Tuesday, July 17th 2012

Team Announces the C125 Stylish and Compact USB Flash Drive

Team Group Inc. hereby presents C125, a cool, slick and manly flash drive featuring special metallic material. The metal blasting finishing is designed to bring out the best of a manly man. The scratch-proofing is enhanced to keep the drive perfect on the appearance even if it gets abraded or scratched unintentionally.

C125 features a simplistic and compact design coupled with a metallic look. Used on either a compact and lightweight laptop or a tablet, it is no doubt the best choice for a modern gentleman who only has eye on the stylish and trendy. Moreover, the metal chain that comes with the flash drive matches whatever chic and fashionable look a cool-looking man puts on.
The resistance to scratching and abrasion allows the drive to be hung on a brief case or a keychain without the worry of being scratched but with extra styling bonus, not to mention that it eliminates the fear of losing it while carrying it around. Want to become a leader in fashion? Try Team C125 and you will never regret.
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Damn, that design is so close to a bottle opener :toast: Too bad they didn't put that extra notch on there to make it usable as one.
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