Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Prolimatech Magnetic Pin to Make Shuffling Fans Around a Case Snappy

Prolimatech announced a unique new accessory that makes it easier to attach fans to metal cases, at least those made of steel (and not aluminum). The Magnetic Pin is a conventional rubber fan bolt with a magnet on its head. This allows fans with four of these to snap onto cases' fan frames. The magnet is embedded into a rubber cavity, which dampens vibrations between the fan and the case, minimizing noise. Prolimatech is selling these pins in sets of four. The company did not mention pricing.
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Fourstaff said:
If you are getting a super light aluminium case you probably want to move the case around quite often, I think you would want to screw the fans down securely instead. Non issue I think.
Not really, i have such light case because i often move it from where it usually stands upt o my desk where i tweak it. I've had a steel case in between and it was a total pain to move half a meter distance because it weight a freakin ton in case alone.
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My hard drive get really hot. With these i could easily attach a fan to keep them nice and cool. [/Troll]

Edit - Seriously tho, i can see dumb-asses doing this
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WHY!! Did no one ever think of this before ???
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Therion_I said:
I know magnets and computers didn't mix in the good ole' days, but are magnets completely safe inside a case nowadays? I'd hate to have my bios wiped because one of these fell off and landed on the rom.

Electronically Erasable. Small magnets wont do anything to a modern computers parts, except for magnetic hard drives - and even then, these would be too weak to have an effect.

the awesomeness of these gets reduced once you take into account that the wires to the fan wont come off with the fan - so if you do cable management or use zip ties, it doesnt give you that much extra freedom.
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That is a shame no ones thought of these yet. That is a pretty neat idea. Will have to look into these and see if they do ever make them in other colors. That blue might just kill it for some ppl.
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There is Always Moar
this is something you could make even
get some magnets epoxy some plastic bolts to it profit ?
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RejZoR said:
Useless as i have aluminium case...
Nothing a good old duct tape wont fix
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Pro Indian Modder
i use four tiny triangles of industrial double sided foam tape to attach fans. works good. the adhesive doesnt leave any residue.
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Seen this before.

Does no one go on the fans and fan accessories section on e-shops?
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My 4 years old zalman fans came with similar pins, except that they didn't have magnets.
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