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ENERMAX Intros SABERAY White, the Premium Addressable RGB Gaming Fortress

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, announces the launch of SABERAY White, the premium addressable RGB gaming chassis. This clean, classy, sleek mid-tower gaming castle caught much attention when it made its debut at COMPUTEX 2018. Featuring eye-catching light strips and 3 unique square RGB fans, SABERAY White is a decent combination of performance and aesthetics.

Certified by ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI motherboard makers for addressable RGB lighting synchronization, SABERAY White can match lighting colors harmoniously with other system gear for a more appealing and elegant look. Moreover, the gaming chassis includes interchangeable two meshed panels and one acrylic panel, so that users can run depending on their preferred configurations and designs. Furthermore, SABERAY White also comes with a 4 mm full-view tempered glass window for users to showcase their precious rigs.

ASUS Intros TUF Gaming GT501 Mid-tower Case

ASUS today introduced its TUF Gaming GT501 mid-tower ATX case. Lending a semblance of the original TUF design philosophy is the up to 1.5 mm-thick galvanized steel that makes up the frame and metal panels, instead of the 0.5 mm SECC steel that's generally used in cases. This is the kind of steel you'd expect high-end PSU bodies to be made from. The left side panel is make from 4 mm-thick tempered glass, while the right side sticks with steel. You'll find a pair of cotton fiber handles, which can collectively hold up to 30 kg. Along most metal surfaces, ASUS applied a ceramic protective coat (the kind you'd find on motorcycle exhaust, wonder why). Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.1 type-A and HDA jacks. Although there are no physical controls, the case plugs into one of your USB 2.0 headers to take input for its 4-channel fan controller, and RGB lighting, over Fan Xpert 4 and Aura Sync.

Inside, the TUF Gaming GT501 features a conventional horizontally partitioned layout, with the top compartment housing the motherboard tray with room for graphics cards as long as 42 cm, and CPU coolers as tall as 18 cm. The bottom compartment has the PSU bay with room for up to 24 cm long units, and two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays. Up to five 2.5-inch drives can be mounted behind the motherboard tray. The tray offers 7 normal expansion slots, and two vertical ones (riser not included). Ventilation includes either two 140 mm or three 120 mm front intakes; either two 140 mm or three 120 mm top exhausts, and a read 140 mm exhaust. The case measures 251 mm x 545 mm x 552 mm (WxDxH). The company didn't reveal pricing.

Deepcool Expands Matrexx 55 Case Series With Two New RGB Equipped Models

Deepcool is expanding their Matrexx 55 series of cases with the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB. Both cases will offer addressable RGB LEDs and come pre-programmed with five lighting functions including; static, comet, breathing, dynamic color, and fashion collision. They even include an ADD-RGB lighting strip in the front for good measure. Controlling all of these RGB LEDs is done via a built-in button on the I/O panel, however, users also have the ability to control the LEDs via software such as; ASUS Aura Sync and MSI Mystic Light among others. Finally, to make matters easier on consumers Deepcool has also made sure to support the universal 5 volt 3-pin RGB connector in conjunction with the proprietary GamerStorm RGB connector.

Unlike the original Matrexx 55 case, both of these new models now feature a power supply shroud giving them an upgraded internal appearance. In regards to differences between the ADD-RGB and ADD-RGB 3F, there is only one and that is the three CF120 ARGB fans included with the 3F model. The ADD-RGB base model has no fans pre-installed. Other than what has been covered, all three Matrexx 55 cases are essentially the same from a base design perspective with all of them using the same internal layout. All three still use the same two 4 mm tempered glass side panels along with the same magnetic dustproof net on top and dust filters in the front and bottom. Availability is expected in November with the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F costing $75 and the Matrexx ADD-RGB costing $50.

Lian Li Intros LANCOOL One White Case

Lian Li today introduced the LANCOOL One White chassis, a new variant of the LANCOOL One band-comeback chassis from August. Unlike the Gold Edition, this variant isn't limited-edition, and should be generally available alongside the original. Its design consists of all-white interiors with small bits of contrasting black, white top, right, and front panels, with the front panel being dominated by silver-tone brushed aluminium embellishments (in comparison to gunmetal-tone ones in the original). The left side panel is still tinted tempered glass. Detachable bits like drive bays, too come in white. The RGB LED diffusers along the front panel now conform to the addressable RGB standards. The rest of its feature-set is unchanged from the original.

Cooler Master Introduces the MasterCase SL600M

Cooler Master, a global leader in manufacturing CPU coolers, computer components and peripherals, today, announced the availability of the MasterCase SL600M, marking the start of the SL series, designed to blur the lines between work and play.

Clad in sand-blasted anodized aluminum and sans any RGB features, the MasterCase SL600M is designed to be the centerpiece of a home office or workplace with the capability of powering a high-end gaming setup. "Fusing together professional aesthetics and gaming functionality took more than just exterior changes, it demanded an altered perspective on system layouts and cooling," said Matteo Stracciari, General Manager of Case at Cooler Master. "Instead of using brute-force cooling methods, the chassis takes advantage of the natural rise of heat."

Riotoro Announces the Morpheus GTX100 Convertible Case. Cube or Tower? Your Choice

Riotoro Morpheus GTX100 is a fascinating new case design. You can either configure it to be a space-saving ATX cubical (mini-tower) case, or enlarge it by sliding and locking the top half along rails, to convert it to an ATX mid-tower. The case features a vertically partitioned dual-chamber layout, with the motherboard tray located in the larger left-side half, and oriented upside down, BTX style.

When contracted to mini-tower proportions, the left chamber with the motherboard tray has room for standard ATX (and smaller) motherboards, up to three graphics cards that can be as long as 40 cm, CPU coolers up to 18 cm in height; while the right chamber holds two each 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drive bays, besides the PSU bay, with up to 22 cm clearance. When expanded to mid-tower proportions, you get more of everything - the left chamber now holds E-ATX motherboards and up to four 40 cm long graphics cards; while the right chamber holds four 2.5-inch bays instead of two.

SilverStone Rolls Out Raven-Z RVZ03-ARGB SFF Case with Addressable RGB Lighting

SilverStone today rolled out the Raven-Z RVZ03-ARGB small-form-factor gaming case. With a volume of just 14 liters, and measuring 382 mm x 105 mm x 350 mm (WxHxD), the case serves up enough room for dual-slot graphics cards that are up to 33 cm in length, and oriented sideways via an included PCIe riser cable. The case holds mini-ITX motherboards, with room for CPU coolers as tall as 83 mm. A standard ATX power supply up to 15 cm in length is supported, though a 3-pin AC receptacle and riser.

Storage options of the RVZ03-ARGB include three internal 2.5-inch mounts. Cooling includes three 120 mm vents, from which two are populated by 1,500 RPM, 18 dBA fans. Front panel connectivity includes USB 3.1 type-A ports, and HDA audio jacks. The star-attraction here of course is the addressable-RGB LED diffuser that dominates a somewhat X-shaped embellishment along the front panel. The light strip is either controlled by a small PCB cycling between presets, or can plug into your motherboard via a standard ARGB header, for software control. The case comes in two color options, matte black and white.

Sharkoon Announces Pure Steel RGB Minimalist Case

With the PURE STEEL, Sharkoon Technologies introduces an ATX midi tower which puts individual creativity into the foreground. The spacious case catches the eye with its minimalist steel body and almost frameless side panel made of tempered glass. In combination with a power supply tunnel which is situated in the top of the case, the side panel should provide an optimal view of the individualized hardware configuration - including the illuminated fan of the power supply. The blank and inconspicuous front panel can thus become the actual side panel. The case would therefore be appropriate as a hardware showroom to be placed on the table top. Those wishing to put a special frame around their hardware can do so using the steel chassis - with its black or white foundation - as a blank canvass for various modding ideas.

For a worthwhile display of the hardware, the PURE STEEL should also be able to incorporate demanding components such as mainboards with dual or multi-processors, CPU coolers with a maximum height of 16 cm as well as graphic cards with a maximum length of 42 cm. A rubberized support is also pre-installed which prevents any sagging of the graphics card.

Rosewill Prism S500 Is a Horizontally Partitioned Case with Bottom Compartment Up Top

Eons ago, when dinosaurs walked the Earth, ATX cases featured PSU bays above the motherboard tray, which found its rightful place below, so a PSU could breathe outside air from an intake vent, and direct it outside the case, instead of scooping up air from the motherboard's various hot components. The Rosewill Prism S500 is contemporary up to the point where it features a horizontally partitioned interior; but that the smaller half that packs the PSU bay and drive cages, is located above the larger half with the motherboard tray. A vent is located where most PSUs have their intake fans.

This layout means that the top panel is now completely devoid of any fan vents (which means no dust intake); and the bottom intake is freed up for a long vent that can hold up to three 120 mm fans in a row. There's also a side exhaust that can hold up to two 120 mm vents, and the 120 mm rear exhaust where you'd expect it to be. The motherboard tray has room for graphics cards up to 44 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16 cm in height. Lighting includes two RGB LED diffusers the accentuate the front panel's edges, and ring diffusers framing each of the six included 120 mm fans. All illuminated components feature addressable-RGB connections, so you could plug them directly to your motherboard's headers and control via software. Measuring 210 mm x 475 mm x 470 mm (WxHxD), the case weighs about 8 kg.

MonsterLabo "The First" Promises To Cool Passively a Core i7-8700K and a GTX 1080

First announced at Computex, MonsterLabo "The First" case was for sure a surprise in the world of fanless, passive cooling solutions. The original announcement is somewhat different from the final version of the case, which in fact will be available in two successive editions. The first one, B.1, will be a 100 (black only) units edition available on December 15th. The second one, B.2, will have 300 pieces that will be available in black and also white color at the beginning of 2019. The MonsterLabo "The First" will have a price tag of 429 euros.

MonsterLabo promises that its design can passively cool a high-end configuration with a Core i7-8700K (95W TDP) and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (180 W TDP), although proper tests with intensive workloads will have to confirm that. The case includes a Noctua 140 mm fan (NT-A14), and has a steel housing measuring 205 x 215 x 420 mm (L x W x H) which weighs 7 kilograms.

Fractal Design Announces the Define S2 Case

The Define S2 is the latest leap forward in open-layout case design-an ingenious refinement of the zero-obstruction formula that cemented the series as the de facto standard for the silent high-performance build. The S2 achieves increased airflow and water cooling capacity with nine total fan positions and 15% larger intake area vs. the previous generation. Radiators up to 420 mm install directly through the top by way of an innovative removable bracket with built-in fill port for easy access, and there's room for radiators up to 360 mm in the front and 280 mm in the base. Pumps and reservoirs are supported right out of the box with integrated mounting locations and adjustable brackets.

Full USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C comes standard along with three Dynamic X2 fans, full length ventilated PSU shroud with alternate SSD mounts, and support for vertical GPU installation via the Flex VRC-25 riser, available separately. Bolt-free tempered glass offers an exceptionally clear interior view thanks to an elegant push-to-lock latching mechanism, and Third generation ModuVent technology complements a generous application of industrial sound dampening to ensure your hardware is seen but not heard.

Nuxcase Chassi is a Mini-ITX Tower Case That Looks Bigger Than It Is

Swedish startup Nuxcase set out on its journey to make PC cases "simpler, cooler, and better." Big things have small beginnings, and the company's first creation is the Chassi, a mini-ITX tower-type case that looks bigger in pictures than it is. Clad in five contrasting 2-tone color options with clear acrylic making up the side and front panels; the case features a "slide-in" tray. You assemble your motherboard and graphics card (vertically) along the mount, and slide it into the case. A PCIe x16 riser connects to your motherboard.

The Chassi supports graphics cards up to 18.5 cm in length, and CPU coolers no more than 6 cm in height, restricted by the graphics card. The case features a mount for an SFX power supply and a couple of 2.5-inch drive bays. Despite its size, there's room for up to two 80 mm fans. It measures 110 mm x 215 mm x 245 mm (WxDxH). There's also a tiny handle that lets you haul it around. Available now, the Nuxcase Chassi is priced at SEK 400 (USD $44.2).

Cooler Master Announces the Release of the COSMOS C700M

Cooler Master, a global leader in manufacturing CPU coolers, computer components and peripherals, today announced the availability of the COSMOS C700M. The latest addition to the COSMOS series, the COSMOS C700M is among Cooler Master's top-tier "Maker" segment of products and stands at the technological peak of its lineup.

Expanding upon the framework of its predecessors, the COSMOS C700M maintains the look of the series' iconic aluminum handles and boasts the same dual curved tempered glass side panel as the COSMOS C700P, but with an updated lighter tint to allow for a clearer view of the internal layout of the case. Two addressable RGB (ARGB) lighting strips run continuously from the top of the case, down the front and to the bottom, reflecting off the aluminum bars to create ambient lighting. Users can toggle through the lighting modes to create the external look they want by pressing the ARGB control button on the front I/O.

DeepCool Intros Gamer Storm MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB Case

DeepCool introduced the Gamer Storm MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB mid-tower case, which is essentially a variant of the MATREXX 55 the company launched this August, but with addressable RGB LED replacing the older standard. The case is characterized by tinted tempered glass panels across the left side panel, and almost 4/5ths of the front. The gap between the glass and metal is accentuated with a prominent addressable RGB LED diffuser. You also get three 120 mm fans with addressable RGB LEDs in the "-3F" sub-variant, which you can install along any of the case's six fan vents, including three along the front panel, two along the top, and an obligatory rear exhaust. The addressable RGB LED lighting along all the illuminated components use standardized ARGB headers, and support most common software control standards such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, BIOSTAR VividDJ, etc. All other specifications of this case is the same as the original MATREXX 55.

Antec Teases New Open-design TORQUE Case on Social Media

In a move that may have been premature, if the information only being available on Antec India's Facebook page is anything to go by, we got word of their new TORQUE case coming to the market soon. It adopts the ever-growing trend of open cases with flat metal sections combined with tempered glass pieces, and the released image also brings up comparisons to the Cougar Conquer we reviewed last year. Indeed, the comments on the social media post do not help Antec's case either with the majority pointing out the similarities rather than discussing more about the case.

As it is, the Antec TORQUE is a full size case with e-ATX motherboard support alongside seven PCI slot covers in an aluminum body with at least one tempered glass side panel held in place with multiple screws. A black and red color scheme provides some color aside from the usual monotone, although now it looks similar to a case mod by a Thai modder for a Thermaltake competition in 2016. Other features include a USB 3.1 (likely Gen 2) Type-C connector on the front, and Antec claims "amazing airflow" which is challenging in open cases such as this. Let me know what you think about the Antec TORQUE in the comments section below, as well as whether such designs are to your liking or not.

XIGMATEK Intros the Glaive Mid-tower Case

Xigmatek today introduced the Glaive, a case that hardens its designers' stance on horizontally-compartmentalized layout. Not only is there a solid partition between the two compartments when viewed from the left side, there's also a separate side panel for the bottom compartment, which opens up from the right site. The front side, and the left side-panel covering the upper compartment, are made of 4 mm-thick tempered glass, held together by thumb-screws. Black steel with matte finish make up the bottom compartment cover, the monolithic right side-panel cover, and the top panel, which has front connectivity.

The motherboard tray of the Xigmatek Glaive has room for graphics cards up to 36 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17.5 cm in height. There are slots for three 120 mm front intake fans, although you can only install a 240 mm x 120 mm along it, since the partition stretches all the way till the edge of the bottom fan. The two 140/120 mm exhausts along the top panel come with a detachable dust filter. A rear 120 mm exhaust completes the ventilation. Storage options include two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive trays, and two 2.5-inch mounts behind the motherboard tray. Front-panel connectivity includes two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 type-A, and HDA jacks. Expect this case to be priced around $50.

Deepcool Launches MATREXX 55 ATX PC Case

Deepcool is a company that was built with the vision of providing the finest PC DIY solution for worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs. Building on the successful achievements in its previous featured computer cases, today Deepcool launches Matrexx 55- Supports E-ATX motherboard, full sized tempered glass; extreme performance; RGB SYNC.

Full sized 4mm thickness, tempered glass side panel and a front panel give the case a unique look to perfectly show off your inner structure. Optimized airflow is guaranteed with large air intakes on two sides of the front panel and an air exhaust in the back and on top, to keep your components cool. Comes with expandable RGB lighting system and includes a pre-installed RGB strip in the front, which is easily controlled by manual button or via the motherboard; Additionally extra connectors are ready to SYNC with the motherboard to control any combination of DEEPCOOL/GAMER STORM 12V RGB devices.

Kolink Announces the Levante: Ultimate Budget Computer Case

Kolink have become a brand which works to bring quality, comprehensive case solutions, at an affordable price. The Levante is no exception - it offers quality design, fantastic value and pre-installed RGB fans/controller, featuring a double tempered glass panel design, full mesh front, PSU shroud, four pre-installed RGB Fans, an RGB controller and remote for just £72.95.

The case was designed with double glass panel design to show off RGB internals, but with the full mesh front and 12 small vents located in the top to provide that much needed airflow for high performance gaming builds.

Xigmatek Intros Scorpio Micro-ATX Case

Xigmatek today introduced the Scorpio tower-type micro-ATX case. The case appears to be a shrunk down version of the Prosper. Its main design elements are the see-through front and left side panels. While the front panel is made of tempered glass, the side panel is acrylic, with a reflective "mirror-like" finish. Although it looks otherwise in the pictures, there are no fans included with the case. You still get two 120 mm front intakes, two 120 mm "bottom" intakes positioned along the horizontal partition, and one each top and rear 120 mm exhausts.

The bottom compartment of the Xigmatek Scorpio, accessible from the right side, gives you access to the PSU bay and two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays. Two additional 2.5-inch drives can be mounted along the reverse side of the motherboard tray. The tray serves up room for graphics cards up to 33 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 15.3 cm in height. Coarse dust filters line the PSU air intake, and the top exhaust. Front panel connectivity includes one each of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0/1.1 type-A ports, and HDA jacks. Available now, the Scorpio is priced at 30€.

Corsair Announces Carbide Series SPEC-06 RGB Case

Corsair, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today unveiled the latest addition to its Carbide Series of enthusiast PC cases, the CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-06 RGB. A tempered glass side panel and RGB-lit front panel showcase and highlight your build, while Direct Airflow Path design delivers cool air to the systems hottest components and keeps your PC ahead of the curve.

With a beautiful tempered glass side panel, the SPEC-06 RGB allows you to show off your system in style, highlighted by a stunning RGB-lit curve recessed into the distinctive front panel. The integrated RGB front lighting is easily controlled by a built-in three-switch controller that adds dramatic illumination to your system, with seven different colors, two lighting speeds, and five color shifting modes including color wave, heartbeat, rainbow wave and more. Let your PC shine bright with vibrant patterns or stick to solid colors to match your setup.

Be Quiet! Announces Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 Case

Be Quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for twelve consecutive years, announces Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2. This updated PC chassis implements significant upgrades, emphasizing its pole position in the modular and silent full tower case segment. With the release of Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 and its introduction of new and innovative features, be quiet! successfully demonstrates how forward-thinking and listening to customer and industry feedback improves overall end-user experience.

Like the original case, Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 leaves nothing to be desired due to its modular design, enabling numerous options for optimal component placement. The removable motherboard tray is installable in six different positions, accommodating all types of motherboard form factors, up to E-ATX or XL-ATX. Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 offers unbeatable flexibility and compatibility, providing a perfect enclosure for enthusiast-level configurations, water cooling and overclocking builds, whisper-silent systems and higher-end workstations. For storage components, the case offers abundant mounting space, supporting the installation of up to 14 solid state drives, seven HDDs, and two optical drives. Invertible along with the motherboard tray, one new feature is the highly requested PSU shroud used to hide cables and drives. The power supply cover also offers additional mounting options for an SSD and 120 mm fan. Unused drive slots are now equipped with partially or fully removable HDD slot covers, covering unused mounting holes for a clean interior and perfect cable management.

ASUS Intros Tinker Fanless Aluminum Case

ASUS rolled out the Tinker Fanless Aluminium case, a custom-design case for the Tinker Board and Tinker Board S hobby-kits by ASUS that rival Raspberry Pi. The case is built from a block of aluminium with brushed-metal finish; which opens from one side (rear), held together by a single thumb-screw. It has cutouts for all of the Tinker Board's ports and connectors - four USB, an HDMI output, Ethernet, DC-in, two card slots, and slots for the optional WLAN module. The case has enough room to let you mount the SoC heatsink that's included with Tinker Boards. The case measures 90 mm x 67 mm x 36 mm (WxDxH).

SilentiumPC Expands Armis Case Series with Mid-Range AR3 Models

The newest addition to SilentiumPC lineup, the Armis AR3, is a modern midi-tower chassis offering subtle styling and unparalleled practicality. The unique signature of the Armis series includes design cues such as the bold front vents for high-level airflow and the movable I/O panel. Armis AR3 is available in three different versions:
  • This regular base version comes with a full metal side panel and the special "blackout" button, which turns all HDD and power LEDs off for complete stealth, especially useful for night rendering/simulation sessions.
  • TG version features tempered glass side panel, which combined with great value for money offers a great start for future RGB build.
  • TG RGB version comes fully packed with interior illumination and built-in internal control box. Supporting all major motherboard RGB systems or manual control via front switch, the AR3 is the ready-to-go RGB solution on a budget.

Antec Introduces P7 Window & P7 Silent Mid-Tower Cases

Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, presents the latest mid towers: the Antec P7 Window and P7 Silent. With these cases, Antec expands its award-winning Performance Series of feature-rich cases which offer plenty of space for graphics cards with a length of up to 390 mm and effective ventilation, making them particularly suitable for gamers. In addition, the stylish chassis offer enough space for drives and a 360 mm radiator. A special eye-catcher for the P7 Window is the side panel made of acrylic glass as well as the green or red accent strips at the front of the case.

The P7 Silent features sound dampening material (0.6 mm SGCC + Plastic) to block noise. The front panel with brushed metallic effect can be disassembled independently, for a neat and simple building experience. Thanks to the relocatable and removable 3.5" HDD cage, users can configure the system the way they want, with the ability to relocate or remove the hard drive cage within the P7. The cases come with additional 3 PCI-E Slot covers in tool box. The cases are now commercially available from 48,90€ (suggested retail price including VAT).


ENERMAX revealed two brand new cases at Computex 2018. The Taiwan-based case manufacturer has given the OSTROG ADV case the RGB treatment. The OSTROG ADV RGB is a mid-tower case with dual tempered glass side panels. It comes with addressable RGB lighting strips with support for motherboard RGB-Sync. The case can house up to a 360 mm radiator and also has quick-release front and top panels for easy hardware installation. A USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port is also part of the case. The second case on display was a limited white edition of the company's SABERAY case. Following in the OSTROG ADV RGB's footsteps, the SABERAY White incorporates addressable RGB lighting strips. However, the SABERAY White does come with three pre-installed addressable T.B. RGB fans as well. The integrated hub lets users sync up to five RGB devices and control a total of six fans. Consumers algo get the option to can choose between an acrylic or mesh front panel.
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