Friday, September 14th 2012

Lian Li's Gargantuan PC-D8000 Chassis Detailed

Stocking up for the next time hard drive makers use natural calamities as pretense to inflate prices and still turn record financial results? It's Lian Li to the rescue. The aluminum chassis specialist unveiled PC-D8000, a massive full-ATX tower case with room for twenty hard drives. Measuring a gargantuan 405 x 628 x 572 mm (WxDxH), and weighing 26 lbs (13 kg), the PC-D8000 packs twenty 3.5-inch drive bays arranged in two stacks that span the entire height of the case in the front portion. In addition, the case packs six 5.25-inch bays, from which one features front-panel ports.

Internally, the case features a detachable motherboard and expansion card tray, letting you install the motherboard and add-on cards outside the case. The tray supports HPTX form-factor motherboards (such as EVGA SR-X), and graphics cards as long as 410 mm (16-inch). The case provides room for two PSUs, letting you set up redundant power supply, or combine the power output of two units, by wiring them to different components. We spy as many as eighteen provisions for 140 mm fans. German retailer lists the PC-D8000 for pre-order, priced at 329 Euros.

Source: Overclockers Ukraine
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To infinity ... and beyond!
Not many cases that have that many drive bays, that's pretty nice! i've got 12 drives total and most cases won't support more than 4-6.
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pr0n Inspector
at this price point you should just man up and build a rack.
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I like it, but still I see 2 flaws.

Only 6 5.25"bays? Why not full 5.25" for total 24 bays. It would be really easy to move all RAID backplanes from one case to another.

No horizontal motherboard. Hmm I'm spoiled by Mountain Mods cases, but I have to concede that quality is much higher on Lian Li than on MM products (have both LL and MM). Also no MM case offer this convenient way of loading large number of HDDs inside out of the box. They persist with ridiculous mounting system by screwing HDDs to the fan. Its dumb, cumbersome, time consuming and impossible to control when running something more than typical 1-3 drives. When buying a case for 600$ it should be [almost???] perfect without need for extensive DIY. Well MM isn't even close to that when compared to LL. The biggest problem with MM is that you are totally screwed when you need to ship case and parts 15000 km across the world. Then you begin to understand what word PAIN means. And as such I had to ditch MM because at some stage cost became prohibitive. No more upgrades. :cry:

Anyway, returning to D8000 I think there is no point in complaining that it is not case for liquid cooling, it is case for massive storage farm. Simple as that. 20 HDDs, with converters it will raise to 40, and with backplanes even exceed 50. For 330 Euros its freaking bargain! [when compared to MM] The most important thing: S&H will cost me 25 Euros not 500$. :rockout:Leaning toward purchase but need to solve RAID backplanes issue...
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Why not just buy a 4RU storage chassis that already has raid backplanes? I can find one for ~$400 AUD that comes with a full set of backplanes (24 SATA/SAS Drives). The only justification I can see for this would be modding or extreme cooling options, in which case I would prefer to fork out a little extra $$ for something from Case Labs or Mountain Mods...
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