Wednesday, September 19th 2012

Dell Unveils New Business PCs Designed for the Evolving Workforce

Dell today unveiled new additions to its state-of-the-art portfolio of business-class computers enabling companies to give employees devices they want to use while maintaining the IT security and manageability necessary for enterprise-class deployments. The three new devices include the Latitude 10-inch touch-enabled tablet, the Latitude 6430u Ultrabook that brings leading design to the boardroom, and a touch-enabled OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One desktop helping people interact with technology in more intuitive ways.

"Never before has the intersection between great design and data security and manageability been as important as employees increasingly ask for support for gorgeous products while IT needs to maintain corporate controls. Dell is providing the answer with these new Latitude and OptiPlex products designed to inspire workers and meet the needs of IT," said Sam Burd, global vice president, Personal Computing Product Group. "Dell's approach is rooted in our heritage of deep familiarity with the needs of IT professionals combined with our new, world-class set of commercial products that meet user demands."

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Latitude 10 Tablet: Built for Versatility

The Latitude 10 is a 10-inch tablet that takes advantage of the latest advances in touch-enabled applications and allows businesses to confidently bring tablets into their enterprises. The Latitude 10 fits easily into current IT environments by supporting existing Microsoft productivity applications and plugging into existing management consoles. Like all Latitude products, the Latitude 10 is engineered for business productivity by providing easy support and maintenance like a swappable battery and robust security options like Dell Data Protection | Encryption, which encrypts all data from the hard drive to the USB port.

Dell understands some computing environments like healthcare, government and education require integration with specific industry software and additional levels of security will be offered with enhanced security features for industries where the ultimate in data protection is required. To address these needs, this product includes a fingerprint reader and smart card reader for effective two-factor authentication.

Latitude 6430u: Built for the Ultimate in Business Mobility

The Latitude 6430u is a 14-inch Ultrabook that strikes the balance between aesthetic appeal and corporate needs with the combination of security, manageability and durability in a thin, highly mobile form factor and striking design. Designed to meet MIL-STD-810G testing, a United States Military test standard where systems are subjected to the harshest conditions, the 14-inch Latitude takes durability to new extremes. The new design is 33 percent slimmer and 16 percent lighter than Dell's current 14-inch Latitude notebook, making it a desirable option for mobile workers. Preliminary battery life testing shows all-day productivity with a single battery charge, an advantage for road warriors and always on-the-go sales executives.

The highly mobile Latitude 6430u builds on the success of the Dell XPS 13, by delivering a great design that also offers the security and manageability businesses need with the industry's best data protection in Dell Data Protection | Encryption and the industry's best manageability with Intel vPro Technology and Dell unique extensions.

Dell OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One: Built for Collaboration

The sleek OptiPlex 9010 23-inch All-in-One continues to empower productivity while preserving precious desk space. As businesses incorporate touch interfaces into work environments, collaboration and productivity can increase, but some workers have space limitations. The business-class All-in-One offers options for a multipoint touchscreen, fixed or rotating camera, and an articulating stand to optimize the user's work experience.


"Business class customers are looking for innovative, consumer-like form factors for their business PCs," said Bob O'Donnell, program vice president, Clients and Displays, IDC. "Vendors like Dell that can deliver these kinds of machines, while still maintaining the security and management capabilities and tools that businesses need, will be well-positioned to succeed with IT managers who want to stay on top of the consumerization trends impacting business IT."


The Latitude 10, Latitude 6430u and OptiPlex 9010 AIO will be available for sale with the launch of Windows 8. More details on global pricing and dates will be announced when available.
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11 Comments on Dell Unveils New Business PCs Designed for the Evolving Workforce

Why on earth would someone build a large screen with touch? I already get the chits having to clean my monitor and it doesnt get touched, could anything be more impractical i wonder?
Whats wrong with a mouse and keyboard, i suspect thats what you would end up reverting back to anyway sooner or later, have fun typing on it lol, stupid idead in my op!!!
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No business in their right mind would use something like this for productivity. The touchscreen is a waste for 90% of businesses (the other 10% are food joints).
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"Designed for the Evolving Workforce" - Just like the F.E.V. from the Fallout series.

Most people don´t need touchscreens but they get them, if they want or not...
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I have yet to see a workforce evolve to needing something that worthless.
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I saw a specialty desk at one point that had a inset (were the mouse and keyboard would go, in front of you basically) for the "all in-one", it could tilt 25 degree's . It made the fact that the all in-one has a touchscreen more useful, but at that point it was like a GIANT tablet, so ya wtf is the point to making them touch screen?
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The problem is everyones fingers are different sizes and some touch buttons are too small to accurately discern with the end of a finger yes? And if every button has to be large and chunky to accomodate, then too much of the screen is filled with just buttons and no free real estate, not to mention the smear from sweat, that alone puts me off, then theres the hygiene aspect, maybe im whinging, just doesnt seem sensible except for portable devices really.

If the screen is tilted, theres going to be distortion of the viewing angles, if its not, theres going to be arm strain having your arm up in the air all the time to touch/swipe etc.

One more aspect that is slightly concerning too, how do you know the haptic feedback isnt just feeding back commands, but your finger prints too? ie violation of identity through finger print indentification.

I love technology, but, theres an old saying , measure twice, cut once, in other words, we should be cautious before rushing into everything, some consequences could be not so fun!!!
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Senior Monkey Moderator
Prima.Vera said:
So much hate on this thread...
I don't always agree with your opinion, PV, but in this case I do.

There are specific business application where touchscreens on large displays are a definite advantage to both productivity and usability.
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Its not hate, not from me anyway, Dell can make whatever they want i dont care, i tried out a touchscreen all in one recently, just didnt impress me very much for the reasons i outlined.

As consumers, we dont have to love everything, we can scrutinise and evaluate, i dont see that as "hate".
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Something like this is very useful for people that use maps, and designers. I work for a telcom company and we have field guys that survey poles and maps the condition of poles. They look at old info from other maps and make updated maps. Also people that make things looking at documents out of the office,schematics and such. There are allot of use's for touch screen portable high resolution tablets.
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