Monday, September 24th 2012

RunCore Announces Kylin III PCI-Express Enterprise SSD

RunCore, the leading manufacturer of high-performance and rugged solid state drives (SSDs), today introduced its latest Enterprise-Grade SSD, the RunCore Kylin III PCIe SSD. With an application that includes databases, web servers, analytical engines, high performance computing servers and other similar applications, requiring ultra low latency and high bandwidth are some of the features supported by Kylin III PCIe. It significantly increases performance density while attaining a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) which was never attained before.

Kylin III PCIe provides terabytes of memory-speed with constant data access, offering an IOPS profile that is equivalent to a SAN, with hundreds of HDDs attached. To increase greater capacity, bunch of Kylin III PCIe can be configured and RAID together, offering a nearly linear scaling speed.
RunCore Kylin III PCIe significantly excels in its performance compared with normal SATA SSD. For a 1.6TB SSD capacity, at 512B random access, the read performance reaches up to 3,000,000 IOPS, and write reaches 1,400,400 IOPS.

While at 4KB random access, read IOPS also reached 700,000, and write IOPS reached 500,000, which is the latest record for a single disk performance. The throughput performance, sequential read reaches 3.0GB/s, and sequential write reaches 2.0 GB/s. The noticeable fact is that at 4KB transfer size, performance is perfectly suited in any enterprise applications.

In a field where IOPS performance is the main game, RunCore Kylin III PCIe is the best choice. With its excellent performance, RunCore Kylin III PCIe has more specific, and customized functions: Flash-RAID, power-loss data protection, in-flight data integrity check, and intelligent data refresh. It supports different capacities including 450GB, 785GB and 1.6TB based on customer requirements. RunCore also support online upgrade services.
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5 Comments on RunCore Announces Kylin III PCI-Express Enterprise SSD

Thats ridiculously fast, i nearly bought a runcore ssd a few years back for my laptop[back then 240+- r/w was hi perf], it was outrageously expensive, no mention of pricing, dont tell me il faint!!?
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I can only assume that something like this is not feasible to throw into just any home PC.
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3GB/s read? Hell, this is almost as fast as DDR1-400 RAM modules...Damn!
I suppose is not bootable....
Also, what is that"available user capacity"???
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