Thursday, September 27th 2012

Scythe Presenting Portable USB 3.0 CF-Reader

Japanese manufacturer Scythe expands its product portfolio of high quality accessories by a brand new product, the CF-Reader. New CF-Reader is a portable card reader which is supporting CompactFlash cards of Type I and Type II as well as UDMA. Furthermore it is featuring the fast USB 3.0 interface allowing data transfer rates of over 100 MB per second. Thanks to its downward compatibility Scythe CF-Reader natively supports the former and yet widely used USB 2.0 interface.

Thanks to its very practical form factor Scythe CF-Reader looks rather like a common USB Stick which allows easy transport and mobile usage with Notebooks and Ultrabooks. To ensure safe and comfortable transport it furthermore comes with a useful silicon case which covers both the USB Connector and the the CompactFlash Slot. It additionally provides protection against damage caused by impacts or drops. Supplied silicon case is made to perfectly fit the CF-Reader to ensure easy fitting and removing of the Scythe CF-Reader.

To further increase the security, a loop has been implemented, allowing the silicon case to be hooked to camera cases and even lanyards, assuring you won't lose it. Total weight of only 14 grams makes the Scythe CF-Reader the best choice for portable usage. Total dimensions of 26 x 75 x 10,8 Millimeter underline this statement furthermore.

Scythe CF-Reader supports both Windows as well as Mac OS operating systems and doesn't require the installation of drivers or any settings configuration, making it really easy to use for everyone.

New Scythe CF-Reader (Product No. SCCFR-1000) is available as of today on the market for 16,70 EUR MSRP (w/o Tax/VAT).
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
Do people still use compact flash?
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Professional cameras still use them. Though they are also dropping it in favor of SDHC and SDXC...
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brandonwh64 said:
Do people still use compact flash?
My guess is not so much. Hell, my monitors have CF slots.
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brandonwh64 said:
Do people still use compact flash?
My prosumer D-SLR has CF slot only, also many industrial/embedded PC come with CF as primary storage. Pro DSLRs will never drop support for CF as they are always going to be faster and stronger than SD cards.
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