Thursday, October 4th 2012

Polycase's New Enclosure Keeps the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Safe

Polycase announces the release of their new ABS plastic case for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The Pi Series case is an affordable ABS plastic enclosure for the credit-card sized computer with pricing as low as $9.29 per unit with no minimum order requirement. Molded in black flame-retardant ABS plastic with a flame rating of UL94-5VA, this curvaceous enclosure brings an attractive new look to the market. The compact enclosure measures 3.0 x 4.0 x 1.4 inches. Designed to fit the Raspberry Pi Model B, the Pi Series holds the PCB captive with access and labeling for each individual component of the board. Included with the enclosure are 5 flush mounted light pipes that project light from the board's LEDs out of the end panel on the case. The textured finish on the cases is resistant to fingerprints and scratching.
To aid in the development of projects and applications, Polycase provides 2D drawings and a 3D model of the Raspberry Pi plastic enclosure for instant download directly from their website at Polycase also offers CNC machining and custom printing on all enclosures. For more information about Polycase's value-added services, visit this page.
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7 Comments on Polycase's New Enclosure Keeps the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Safe

Raspberry Pi costs $25-35, I think $9.29 is a bit expensive.
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black is not in the spirit of the Raspberry Pi.

the Pi is about fun, not this business men black.

here is a nice one:

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"with pricing as low as $9.29 per unit with no minimum order requirement."
bt, thhey bullshitted you....

the 9.29 price is for 1000+ orders, for 1 - 9 it's $16.42 which is a total ripoff for a black plastic case...

at 9.29 i was interested, at 16.25 f.. off :mad:

also, zeek, i don't like the pibow much(and it's not cheap i want cheap), don't care if it's the "spirit" i like a sober case or plain acrylic transparent one
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I like it but $16.42 for one is way to much
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Price is ridiculous. I have a clear case for mine that I bought for $6.

We are building these to use as a VPN/VOIP client to deploy to our remote locations.

We tried using them as a zero-client, but it is not going to work with the ARMv6 architecture.
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3870x2, what are you using to deply them as VPN clients?

yeah i don't see RDP working in ARMv6...
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