Tuesday, October 9th 2012

Lian Li Introduces the PC-D8000 Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial Co., Ltd, today announces the massive brushed aluminum HPTX supported chassis - PC-D8000. Able to hold up to twenty 3.5" hard drives, two power supplies and one of the largest motherboard form factors on the market, the PC-D8000 has plenty of space to fit all the hardware an enthusiast desires.

The massive 405 mm x 628 mm x 572 mm (15.9" x 24.7" x 22.5") PC-D8000 complements the virtually limitless hardware and storage capabilities with many tool-less features for ease of installation. The front panel of the PC-D8000 pops-off allowing full access to the twenty 3.5" hard drives. Each drive can be easily secured and removed thanks to the included thumbscrews and rubber suspensions. A key lock for the 3.5" HDD cage preventing unwanted removal of the hard drives adds extra security.

The tool-less design of the five 5.25" bays make it easy to install optical drives. Unused 5.25" bays can house two 2.5" HDDs or SSDs each for a total of ten 2.5" maximum.

The motherboard tray which can support HPTX, EATX, ATX, and Micro-ATX motherboards is removable giving unhampered freedom to builders when setting up their system. The motherboard tray also features large cutouts for the CPU and rubber grommets for neat cable management. CPU coolers up to 160 mm easily fit inside the case.

Up to six 140 mm fans are supported behind the front panel. The rear of the chassis has one 120 mm fan included with space for three more 140 mm fans. Additionally, for builders interested in water cooling, the D8000-1 fan guard is specially designed to aid their water cooling builds.

The Lian Li PC-D8000 has vented eleven expansions slots with thumb screws. Expansion cards up to 410 mm (16.1") in length are supported.

The PC-D8000 supports dual power supply setups. Two power supplies up to 360 mm in length fit easily in the rear of the chassis. Underneath the PSUs ventilation slits with removable pull-out filters help increase the life and performance of the power supplies.

This massive Lian Li chassis sits on four roller wheels, so no matter how much hardware is put inside, transportation of the PC-D8000 is never a problem.

The Lian Li PC-D8000 will be available for the suggested retail price of US$349 / ₤265 / €330.
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F@H Mod & 4P Enthusiust
No love for SWTX? :(
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Cheap and fragile full plastic (non-rubberized) casters are a big big no:shadedshu
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Liquid Cool
I'm considering this...

I figure if i toss in a couple of cheap mattresses and some spare pillows...weekend guests will be taken care of...and hell, I even get a pc out of the deal.


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Dedicated TPU Cruncher & Folder
Sweeeeeeeeet!! Yet another way over priced case from Lian-Li
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stinger608, post: 2741625"
Sweeeeeeeeet!! Yet another way over priced case from Lian-Li
$350 is cheap imo... look at similar models from Case Labs or Mountain Mods.... those are in the $500+ range.

I would pay the extra $ for a CL or MM case though
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
stinger608, post: 2741625"
Sweeeeeeeeet!! Yet another way over priced case from Lian-Li
Thing is, they're not overpriced. And when (if) you decide to sell it you usually get a good chunk of your money back if if still looks good (which it will because you spent so much money on it). They're expensive, but not overpriced.
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For something packing 20 HDDs, I wouldn't be comfortable keeping it on those wheels. :shadedshu
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Lian-Li D8000 case

The case is like a dream. :respect:Plenty of room for the most extreme water cooling support. The details tells me, here is worked at with vision and professionalism. Like the way of placing the Motherboard.. Really cool.. But, there has to be always a but isn’t it..
>The wheels… :eek:These wheels give this case a cheap view.. Why not four rubberized bigger wheels so the case is not to close to the floor.
>>There is a trend to place more and more SSD. :cool: Why there is not a option for one or more nice Hot Swapped SSD tray’s with room for 6 or 4 SSD like there is for the bigger HDD. But I have placed this case on my wish list. Nice to dreams about..

PeterB :respect:
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Resident Wat-man
If this is anything like my last Lian Li case, all of those edges on the sheet metal are going to be sharp. Make sure to buy some bandaids first, you're likely to cut yourself if you're not careful working on it.
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Pro Indian Modder
galvanized interior. > $300
no thanks.
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