Monday, October 15th 2012

AVADirect Now Accepting Pre-Orders For Windows 8 In Select Configurations

AVADirect, a leading custom PC builder known for providing uniquely customizable configuration, has begun to accept pre-orders for the highly anticipated Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, listed in appropriate configurations.

Since 2009, Microsoft has been working hard on providing the next era of Microsoft operating systems, Windows 8. The newest operation system from Microsoft, scheduled to release October 26th, promises to increase performance, functionality, and productivity in many forms of added features and support. As part of AVADirect's mission to provide the latest and greatest hardware, AVADirect also aims to provide the latest and greatest of Microsoft operating systems while available. Currently, AVADirect prominently offers Windows 7 versions, and Linux pre-load options with limited support. End-users can take advantage of the pre-order immediately and be one of the first to receive a pre-installed Windows 8 desktop, workstation, or notebook.

With a newly designed graphical user interface, Microsoft hopes to change the way we use our PCs with Windows 8. After spending a few minutes with Windows 8, it's obvious that interface is moving in the direction of mobile and touch-screen devices. This is great, when preparing for the future, however many would argue it has no place for dedicated desktops or workstation. To balance this argument, Microsoft has added new features to the desktop & shell, added integrated online services, a plethora of fresh applications, and services such as SkyDrive which allows you to sync various data with other PCs running Windows 8. Other features, which have become popular amongst PC users, such as the Windows Start menu, Microsoft Gadgets, Aero, Windows Media Center, and command bar are no longer existent. Microsoft has also removed all technical data during a "Blue Screen of Death" occurrence, making the operating system more mainstream and less reliant on technical-savy end-users.

While AVADirect is accepting pre-orders for Windows 8, orders placed a week prior to release may be delayed by 3-4 days, depending on AVADirect's receipt of Windows 8 shipments. Should you have any questions, AVADirect welcome phone calls and emails regarding the release of Windows 8.
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