Wednesday, October 17th 2012

EVGA Rolls Out Precision X 3.0.4

EVGA has today made available a new update for its well-known graphics card monitoring and tweaking tool, Precision X. This latest release adds to the 'Adjust Voltage' section a new feature called K-Boost which allows users to lock their GeForce GTX 600 cards to Boost Clock/Voltage, even in 2D mode. K-Boost needs to be disabled when installing/uninstalling the graphics driver and when enabling SLI (once SLI is enabled K-Boost can be activated).

To download EVGA Precision X 3.0.4 see EVGA's website.
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5 Comments on EVGA Rolls Out Precision X 3.0.4

Dainty Moderator
can someone tell me how the #$% to disable the overlay without closing the OSD server? because the toggle keys are not working
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Testing with the Lightnings

oh, maximum of 1.175v i forgot.

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Will have to download and test with my GTX 670 when I get home.
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I'm a little bit confused about this K-Boost option. Does it lock the card into the 3D state? Doing a simple search on "K-Boost" doesn't turn up anything substantive.
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I was able to squeeze an aditional 10 mhz core on my 680 classified with this, perhaps a fluke, but long term testing will tell.
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