Thursday, October 25th 2012

Razer Project Fiona On, Seeks FCC Approval

Earlier this month, Razer asked the gaming community to show their support for its ambitious "Project Fiona," (the development of an ergonomic, gaming-grade tablet). It looks like they have it, and are proceeding with its development. An engineering sample of the device showed up at FCC labs for approval. Only devices at a very advanced stage of development reach regulators such as the FCC and CE. The FCC document detailing "Fiona" lists the device as having a 5600 mAh battery, and a game controller accessory (the handlebar controller), which has a battery pack of its very own.

Source: Engadget
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3 Comments on Razer Project Fiona On, Seeks FCC Approval

Thunderbolt and EGPU or bust. :(
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Glad to see they have taken on some feedback and made the controller part removable.
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would not buy at all. For me I'll go buy a PS Vita. Just remember, its my opinion
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