Sunday, October 28th 2012

Mozilla Gifts Microsoft IE Team Customary Cake

A nice little game Microsoft's Internet Explorer team and Mozilla play is gifting each other cake each time the other launches a new version of their browser. Mozilla sent Microsoft the latest one, to congratulate it on MSIE 10 launch (along with a much bigger one, of Windows 8). In its tweet, the MSIE team thanked Mozilla for the cake, and said it's looking forward to a version of Firefox optimized for Windows 8. It is rumored that Mozilla does/has in the past sent recipes along with their cake (keeping it open-source all the way). Microsoft launched its slickest, fastest version of Internet Explorer with Windows 8, a version for Windows 7 is slated for November.
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26 Comments on Mozilla Gifts Microsoft IE Team Customary Cake

where the hell are my stars
SaltyFish said:
They did send a cake; it's just that security found a spy camera in it.
That is a great idea they will know what not to do!
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