Monday, October 29th 2012

Koolance Introduces the CPU-380 Water Blocks

Koolance has today launched two new CPU water blocks, the CPU-380I for Intel chips and CPU-380A for AMD processors. Both models feature a microfin nickel-plated copper cold plate, an acetal top, standard G 1/4 BSP threading and a thick steel mounting bracket.

The CPU-380I and CPU-380A cost $74.99.
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9 Comments on Koolance Introduces the CPU-380 Water Blocks

Wile E
Power User
Hmmm, wonder how well these perform. I love my 360.
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Koolance makes great WC stuff! love em
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I liked the previous Koolance block better, still performance is what matters :toast:
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They seem basic compared to the offering of other company's, but it's how well they perform not how good they look, it's how well it performs, any chance of a review here on TPU ?
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I have a 360 also and it holds my i7 930 at 4.4 GHz all day long at 1.4 VCORE. It can even handle 4.5 GHz but it is pushing my CPU to it's limits at 1.5 VCORE. I wouldn't mind upgrading to this block for sure though.
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ill stick with the 370 as well.....but wouldnt mind picking up the mounting likey
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