Wednesday, November 7th 2012

Apacer Unveils Two Industrial-Grade USB Drives - AH321 & AH322

Regarding the importance of data storage for embedded application, Apacer has launched two compact and portable industrial-grade USB Drives - AH321 & AH322 that boost "stability" and "durability." The two models meet the industrial customers' demanding requirements for system operation.

With the superb reliability of SLC chips and the advantage of Fixed B.O.M., Apacer highlights that the firmware and major components of all the products can be fixed upon customers' recognition and verification. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and compatibility issues, ensuring high durability and reliability for customers.

With up to 32 GB capacity, the two Apacer USB Drives adoptUSB 2.0 high-speed transmission and support operating systems such as Windows ME/XP/ 2000/Vista, Mac OS 8.6, Linux 2.4.0, etc. Featuring compactness, they support hot swapping and plug-in-and-play functions. Particularly, the Pen Cap design of AH321 allows the cap to be tucked in the back of the casing to prevent accidental loss.The greatest difference between these two industrial-grade USB drives and other consumer flash drives on the market lies in its firmware version and major components that can be fixed. Apacer's clients can benefit from the stable, long-term supply, with compatibility issues caused by frequent product component changes significantly reduced. Time and money spent on product verification can also be saved.

In addition to the highly reliable SLC chips, the two USB Drives also offer the cost-effective MLC solutions, providing more options to customers. Apacer introduces comprehensive FAE service to its industrial SSD module series. Each product has a unique traceable serial number, via which the corresponding production history and main component information can be traced. This facilitates the most efficient maintenance service and meets the requirement of long-term supply.

Samples are now available for customers to run test.
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Industrial grade with the flimsiest case ever. The first one with red semi transparent case are rubbish. We were selling such drives few years back and they felt like something from Kinder Surprise...

Why no one makes the USB drive case out of thin stainless steel? That's industrial grade, not some flimsy plastic. Even aluminium is not "it" because it is soft and dents easily. Stainless steel, while indeed heavier a bit, will only get scratched.
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