Thursday, November 15th 2012

Spire Introduces the X2.9883 HDT 9000 Series CPU Cooler

The X2.9883 is the newest CPU cooler in the gaming branded series X2 by Spire. Build on the technology of HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) with an increased number of total six (6) heat-pipes. Combined with a high number and density of fins, crowned with one Nano-Tech silent and PWM controlled 120 mm fan for great cooling performance. The U-shaped, 6 mm in diameter heat-pipes are in direct contact with the CPU heat spreader. Rapid heat transfer to the 46 aluminum, nickel-coated fins provide a larger surface area for optimum heat dissipation.

The X2.9883 is supplied with one 120 mm balanced, Nano-Tech bearing fan. The Nano-Tech fan is equipped with removable rubber corners which eliminate any fan vibration. Furthermore Nano-Tech bearing enables a lower starting voltage, less friction which leads to lower noise and longer life span. Another great feature of Nan-Tech is that the impeller is not locked and can be pulled out for dust cleaning convenience. Compatibility of the X2.9883 is guaranteed with multi-platform mounting for all current Intel (incl. Socket 2011) and all current AMD micro-processors. The X2.9883 is pure cooling power that takes performance to the next level. SpireX2 - All geared up!

Main Features:

● HDT Heat-pipe direct contact with all of the processor area
● Six 6 mm U-shaped sinter-powder heat-pipes
● Straight lined heat-pipes, air can easily pass through
● 46 Stamped aluminum fins for best surface rate
● Large surface fin ratio for increased heat transfer rate
● All Nickel coated fins to preserve killer looks from oxidation
● One 120 mm Nano-Tech bearing fan design
● Silent. Long life span 70.000 HRS
● PWM fan speed RPM control, 4 PIN PWM (2510)
v Supports AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 and 775/1155/1156/1366/2011
● High performance up to TDP 150 W

The X2.9883 CPU Cooler is compatible with the latest ATX boards based on the Intel and AMD sockets 775/1155/1156/1366/2011 for Intel and AM2/AM3/940/939/FM1/FM2 for AMD.

$56.95 / €44.95

Product Includes:
User installation manual
Warranty registration card
Mounting-clips (1 set) / SP-802 CPU contact thermal interface material.

The first release of the X2 brand CPU Cooler series: X2.9883 is now available from our factory as well as our branch offices.
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4 Comments on Spire Introduces the X2.9883 HDT 9000 Series CPU Cooler

What kind of a name is that?! :S At least Zalman names make some sense, but this...
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i kinda like it, looks like a xigmatek with a corsair fan
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very nice, 2 fans in the box would be perfect.
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Why they put the hottest pipes near the place with the worst airflow?
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