Tuesday, November 20th 2012

Razer Game Booster Opens The Door To Public Beta Test

Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware and software, today announced the Open Beta release of Razer Game Booster, an award-winning optimization software that streamlines PC gaming performance. Razer Game Booster is the latest evolution of the CNET Editor five-star-rated IObit Game Booster software, an immensely popular precursor that has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Users can try the Open Beta at no charge here.

Tens of thousands of users were granted closed beta access to Razer Game Booster in September and much of the submitted feedback was incorporated into the latest version. Among its many features, the program now supports several additional languages, allowing for users around the world to give their games a boost.
The software includes the following features:

Game Mode
Focus in on your game by temporarily shutting down unnecessary functions and applications, concentrating all of your resources purely on gaming. Applications shut down prior to gaming are restored when user exits the game.

Calibrate Mode
Simplify the process of setting up your PC's performance by conveniently providing you with the option to tweak, defrag, or update any outdated drivers.

Share Mode
A bonus feature where you can show off your skills, create tutorials, and more, with the ability to record real-time audio/video and capture screenshots.
Razer did extensive research and testing in partnership with IObit during the development of Razer Game Booster, improving and updating features to bring about the most intuitive and powerful application possible. The software conveniently stores all games under one hub, and provides a unique boosting feature that enhances the functions of a PC for maximum game performance.

"We got tremendously positive feedback from our initial Razer Game Booster testers and we're happy to welcome everyone to experience the award-winning software to optimize their systems and enhance gameplay," said Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, president of Razer USA. "This is just another step in providing the best gaming experience possible to the community and our dedicated fans."
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6 Comments on Razer Game Booster Opens The Door To Public Beta Test

Hopefully no DRM on this :). Probably won't be able to use it without internet.
Just looks like another one of these for show tweakers.......
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This is basically Iobits gamebooster remade by Razer.
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What does it actually DO?

All I can figure from the website is that it closes some apps, and perhaps defrags your game install?

Is that it?

Seems kinda pointless to have it running in the background USING resources just to save resources - if you can just close other apps yourself?

Is there anything else it does ? The website is nothing but wall-to-wall marketing bull$#!t and no actual info...
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would be nice if there is a program that forces the game to use all your cpu cores...
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I have a feeling that this was made to crack down on game piracy. The always on DRM, having to put your games into the launcher. Seems suss to me.
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Gaming Moderator
WOW!? No charge to use only online DRM that's going to eat all of your personal information while you play games and checks how legit your games are? Where do i sign up? :nutkick:
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