Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Gigabyte Also Released WindForce 2X-Equipped GeForce GTX 650

In addition to the WindForce 2X-cooled GeForce GTX 660, Gigabyte also unveiled one based on the cheaper GeForce GTX 650 (model: GV-N650WF2-1GI). The cooler, which is near-overkill for the GK107 chip, facilitates a mild overclock of 1110 MHz core (over 1058 MHz reference), while leaving the memory clock untouched, at 5.00 GHz. It uses two copper heat pipes to cool a large aluminum fin array, which is ventilated by two 90 mm PWM-controlled fans. It features 384 CUDA cores, and a 128-bit wide memory interface, which holds 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. Expect the card to be priced in the neighborhood of $120.
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2 Comments on Gigabyte Also Released WindForce 2X-Equipped GeForce GTX 650

Why two fans? I played with the evga 650ti and it had a single fan and super small heatsink and I could not get it above 60c.
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In good old days that said you can squeeze every bit of juice outta the GPU. These days it means it will run fine on maximum, pathetic, possible overclocking.
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