Tuesday, December 18th 2012

Thermalright Black Stealth Edition AXP-100 CPU Cooler Pictured

Thermalright is working on a limited-edition variant of the recently-launched AXP-100 CPU cooler featuring pitch-black aluminum fins, copper base, and heat pipes, in combination with the usual gold+black TY-140 fan. The AX-100 Black Stealth Edition retains all other specifications of the original, except its matte-black (possibly ceramic-coated?) aluminum fins, matte-black heat pipes, and black copper base. The C-type heatsink uses six 8 mm-thick heat pipes to convey heat to an aluminum fin stack that's arranged along the plane of the motherboard, which is ventilated by a 140 mm fan. The cooler supports all current CPU socket types, and is particularly recommended for mini-ITX builds. For a chance to win one of three of these, partake in Thermalright's new giveaway.
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Looks almost invisible in a case.
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I think I read on there site or facebook, that it's a black nickel finish. Which I think is much better than ceramic, I recall that ceramic is no good for performance.
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