Monday, January 21st 2013

Sapphire Unveils Radeon HD 7770 Vapor-X Black Diamond Graphics Card

In a bid to capture market share in the crucial Chinese Lunar New Year shopping season across the Greater China region, Sapphire launched a new graphics card occupying a price-point most tempting to value-conscious buyers, the Radeon HD 7770 Vapor-X Black Diamond. Simply put, it's a Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition card with an advanced vapor-chamber-based cooler strapped on to it, with some groovy black styling dropped in; all of which shouldn't cost Sapphire much, but ups product presentation greatly. It is a slight variation of the Vapor-X OC found in western markets.

The Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X Black Diamond uses a Vapor-X cooler which uses a vapor-chamber plate and two 8 mm-thick copper heat pipes to draw heat from the GPU, and conduct it to a dense aluminum fin stack, which is ventilated by a pair of 80 mm spinners. Underneath it is a custom-design PCB that's dressed in black, and uses Sapphire's noise-free chokes. The card sticks to AMD reference clock speeds of 1000 MHz core and 1250 MHz (5.00 GHz GDDR5-effective) memory. It packs 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 128-bit wide memory interface. Power is drawn from a single 6-pin PCIe connector. Display outputs include two DVI, and one each of DisplayPort and HDMI.

This card is only available in China.
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6 Comments on Sapphire Unveils Radeon HD 7770 Vapor-X Black Diamond Graphics Card

That's a lot of sparkles and confetti over a humble GPU... Too much IMO.
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The Exiled Airman
reminds me of the TUL designed coolers for somereason )must be the logo used)
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Yeah, one that could be passively cooled with a cooler from Arctic...
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It would be nice for a decked out crunching rig though.
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Eh, such a cooler isn't really needed. My 7770 never goes above 40C even when under full load for hours.
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Jun 25th, 2022 21:53 EDT change timezone

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