Thursday, February 7th 2013

GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB Listed by Danish Store

A store listing by Danish online retailer Proshop reveals a couple of things, one, that NVIDIA's next flagship graphics card will indeed be called "GeForce GTX Titan," and two, it could be out of reach of a vast majority of enthusiasts. The retailer is listing an ASUS-branded card for 5,820.80 Danish Krone (US $1,046), and that's before Europe's famous taxation kicks in. After, that goes up to 7,276 DKK ($1,307).

If one has to infer performance of the card from this price, given that NVIDIA won't botch up price-performance in relation to GTX 690, the GTX Titan should perform on-par, or outperform the GTX 690. Even if it's a tiny bit slower, NVIDIA could focus its marketing efforts on the card's 4-way and 3-way SLI capabilities, using which one could outperform GTX 690 QuadSLI setups.
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Has there been any confirmed info on pricing? Price and availability are what will really make or break the card. It's just not a relevant release if it's limited availability for $900 USD or so.

Now... $600-700 and generally available, might be a different story.
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If you were to beleive most of the rumours

Its a K20X. Most likely left over from initial ramp so stock would be questionable. Depending on run and availability from orders that got dropped or other who decided no to purchase due to various reasons ( Economical or Intel XeonPhi, AMD FirePro).

Nvidia isnt going to ramp on this just like GTX 690 GK104 just going to use existing GK110 batches from the initial ramp.

Much like the GF110 they couldnt mass produce the full design silicon until well over a 1yr plus. So a fully active GK110 is still a handful of months away from being possible and then mass produced.

I think its gonna be a mimic of the GTX 690. A lock down design with glitter to justify the price. I could be wrong tho.

I dont see anyone on Steam Hardware Survey using a GTX 690 so not sure how well there going to sell .. ;)
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