Thursday, February 28th 2013

Prolimatech Intros MK-26 Black Series GPU Heatsink

Prolimatech introduced the Black Series variant of its MK-26 GPU heatsink that went on sale last September. The variant features matte black anodized aluminum fins, while retaining the chrome finished nickel-plated copper heat pipes that produce a nice contrast. Designed to handle thermal loads as high as 320W, the MK-26 is a dual aluminum fin-stack heatsink, which uses six heat pipes to convey heat from a nickel-plated copper block. A pair of 140 mm fans (not included) can be attached to the heatsink. individual heatsinks for memory and VRM components are included; as are thermal pads and a tube of TIM. Prolimatech updated the GPU compatibility list of the MK-26 to include the recently launched GeForce GTX TITAN. The company did not release pricing or availability details.
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26 Comments on Prolimatech Intros MK-26 Black Series GPU Heatsink

Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
In my case:

Videocard dying because of stock cooler = 0
Videocard dying because of mishandled 3rd party cooler installation = 2.

Killed a GTX260 because water block removed the soldered ram ic when I was cleaning the waterloop.

Killed a GTX480 because the cooler was hitting the chassis (psu's ground).

Went to stick with stock or whatever cooler is slapped on it ever since.
Well, that's you :P

Maybe I'm just lucky. I've run a lot of coolers through the years, and in all cases when I've gone to sell the card, I've bolted back on the original cooler and sold the whole card as mint condition. I've broken CPUs, HDDs and motherboards before, but never a graphics card.
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