Tuesday, April 2nd 2013

ZOWIE GEAR Announces the ZOWIE CAMADE Cable Management Device

ZOWIE GEAR's product line expands into cable management devices with the introduction of the CAMADE.

ZOWIE GEAR understands that there are users who experience inconveniences with their mouse cable; whether it's due to space constraints, caught cable, or cable entanglement. The CAMADE is our solution to those issues. It manages the cable ensuring that this does not happen by allowing gamers to have a set cable length available to make quick and unobstructed movements.

Furthermore, the unique adjustable spring design enables the user to choose a comfortable height and its solid design allows convenient mobility without any necessary assembly. CAMADE is equipped with a rubber clip that fits mouse cables of different thicknesses.

ZOWIE CAMADE will be available in May with 3 different color option.


● Guarantees that the cable does not get caught or entangled while moving the mouse.
● Unique adjustable spring allows users to select a comfortable height
● Rubber feet provides stability and a solid grip
● Unique design allowing for convenient mobility
● Rubber clip compatible with all types of mice cables

MSRP: 24.99€ / $24.99 (Plus tax)

Product available in May, Please check below for participating launch partner shops:

USA: GameJava.com

Denmark: Webdanes
Finland: Jimm's PC
Germany: Caseking
Norway: MAXFPS
Sweden: MAXFPS
Sweden: Inet
United Kingdom: Kustom PC
Russia : Cyberlife

Kazakhstan : Goodgame
Malaysia : Extreme Gear
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6 Comments on ZOWIE GEAR Announces the ZOWIE CAMADE Cable Management Device

1x long screen door spring ~$3 fold it in half
1x ziptie, string, twist tie, or that plastic thing from a bag of bread.... Use it to keep the spring bent.
1x Drill. Use it to make 2 holes.
1x Something heavy for the base or hell even your desk.
1x epoxy if you can't figure this out, put down the drill and back away slowly....
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I might actually buy one of these blasted contraptions if they were a reasonable price, but christ, £20-£25 for a slab of plastic, a spring and some bits of rubber?
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Does this increase polling rates too? :rolleyes:
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Roccat's Apuri is similar to the Scorpion, but I definitely prefer the look of these. They're a little more dignified.
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