Tuesday, April 2nd 2013

Corsair Teases Obsidian 900D High-End Chassis

"Understated Overkill," Corsair's words. The company teased its biggest, most feature-rich case to date, the Obsidian 900D. Armed with space for XL-ATX motherboards, with enough room for four triple-slot graphics cards, up to sixteen 3.5/2.5-inch internal, and four 5.25-inch drive bays, two PSUs (redundant/auxiliary power), room for water cooling nearly every hot component, and a modular design, which allows you to create room for more of any of those components, the 900D is shaping up to be an aluminum monstrosity among Corsair's ranks. The company is poised to announce this case later this month, in the meantime, it released pictures and a video presentation.
The teaser video follows.

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Rowsol said:
The price seems legit. I figured they'd ask more. Wasn't the TJ11 $600?
That is true the TJ11b is $659, that is outrageous, for that amount of money I can upgrade alot of hardware. I am happy with the HAF series by coolermaster.

I still have my HAF 932 but am using the HAF X right now,and could not be happier with it.

SilverStone Temjin Series TJ11B-W Black Aluminum A...
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Emperor_Piehead said:
I do see what you mean about that out of the US they are huge even in parts that makes sense and the fan filters which is the only problem for me. The caselabs SM8 though at the same size as the 900d is only $400 with window and front usb 3. The aesthetic is opinion based I really don't like the front plastic bezel and feet on the 900d while the caselabs is just squares and that nice powder coat but the real show that we can both agree on is the watercooling loop running inside
The front and rear of the case (which include the feet) are cast aluminum... just an FYI.

Follow this thread in which Corsair George (the designer) has posted that info:

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Very nice looking.
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:eek:..........................makes me want to sell my cosmos 2............. im only 98% done
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I was in love when the 800D released, now I am just starstruck with an epic desire to own one of these 900D's! :twitch::clap: Thanks for posting this video review btarunr, I most likely will never own this case because of the price and that I probably couldn't to utilize the full amount of features this case has to offer. I will just sit from a distance in aww and admire the future builds by others to come. :toast:

One thing I really did like that I havn't seem much of is the front intake of the case. There is no steal/alum mesh vents from the chassis, its already cut out for you! Maximum airflow right there folks! No need to cut out the stock mesh anymore ;) I know that Lian-li cases do this as well, I like it. I also like that they kept the hotswap feature and that you have the option of removing and/or changing there positions.
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