Wednesday, April 24th 2013

EK-RAM Dominator now renamed to EK-RAM Monarch

EK Water Blocks, premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is announcing changes to the product naming in order to comply with the Intellectual Property Rights of Corsair Inc. As a result all our products from EK-RAM Dominator product line are being renamed to EK-RAM Monarch series products. The EAN codes remain the same. These changes are effective immediately.

This information is already reflected on all web pages, installation manuals and product packaging. The table below maps the old name to the new name.
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2 Comments on EK-RAM Dominator now renamed to EK-RAM Monarch

I guess they figured Monarch won't mind, being dead and all.
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Licensing with Corsair ended (or never existed and legal issues ensured) or they just want to imply they work with other brands as well...
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