Thursday, May 9th 2013

SilverStone Raven RV04 Chassis Detailed

Here are some of the first pictures of SilverStone's upcoming flagship chassis, the Raven RV04. Its styling is clearly evolutionary to the Raven RV03, with no chrome highlights, and a more curvy, "concave" front. The biggest change is on the inside, while the RV03 features a 90° clockwise-tilted motherboard tray, the RV04 uses an upside-down BTX-esque motherboard tray. Perhaps the new trend of detachable drive-bays to make room for long graphics cards caught up with SilverStone. The case supports ATX, E-ATX, and SSI-CEB motherboard form-factors.

The Raven RV04 features two 5.25-inch drive bays, seven internal 3.5-inch ones, of which two feature back-planes to enable hot-swapping; and four 2.5-inch bays. It features room for CPU coolers as tall as 165 mm, PSUs as long as 180 mm, and add-on cards as long as 337 mm, and as tall as 170 mm. Its front-panel includes two USB 3.0 ports (standard header), and audio jacks. Ventilation includes two gargantuan 180 mm front intake fans (up to 1200 RPM, up to 34 dBA), and a 120 mm rear fan. Measuring 219mm (W) x 581mm (H) x 497mm (D), the RV04 weighs about 11 kg. It's largely made of SECC steel and ABS plastic. It's available in two variants, one with the opaque side-panel (SST-RV04B), and one with an acrylic window (SST-RV04B-W). Pricing and availability will be announced on May 11.
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ugh... I wish I could go back in time and get me a Raven 1.
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FT02 is my personal all time favourite case, hands down. I has inspired me and continues to inspire me to mod on till this day. This one here: It's shit! no apologies Silverstone and NO I am not overreacting, its just FT02 is THAT good. That said, I can't be very harsh on the people who made it, so I guess everyone has their ups and downs. All in all go ahead Silverstone I am still your fan :)
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for anyone who wants to look little closer of this stuff
yeah this product looks like below average :shadedshu

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c'mon silverstone rep.....

i know you're seeing this.....

not ONE single positive comment

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micropage7 said:
Wtf are those things behind the higher of the two intake fans?

badtaylorx said:
c'mon silverstone rep.....

i know you're seeing this.....

not ONE single positive comment

Tbh, I like it. I wouldn't put the PSU in upwards facing though - that's just asking for a spilt drink, and unless you have a blower video card you'll want the PSU exhausting there to prevent a build up of hot air.

This is also an issue with the 90-degree rotated cases - stuff (including dust in many cases) can fall through the top.
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WTF?!?! I thought that maybe the Sugo SG09 was just a one off from Silverstone being a plasticy cheap looking case (yet still quite practical). Seems they are heading in the wrong direction now...:shadedshu Looks like Lian-Li is pretty much one of the only main manufacturers left that don't make super crappy, plasticy cases.

Super happy with my FT02, the 90 degree orientation works a treat. Especially as I don't need to look at my gpu drooping with the non-reference cooler. At least now it looks like I'll be keeping my hard-earned in my back pocket instead of spending it.

Edit: Do I see scratches in the paint in micropage's uploaded pics? Damn, even their paint quality must be going downhill.......
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THE_EGG said:
Edit: Do I see scratches in the paint in micropage's uploaded pics? Damn, even their paint quality must be going downhill.......
Silverstone is known for crappy paint. A lot of FT02s come with chipped paint. It's a real shame.
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What a bs... taken from their web page:

"Since its debut in 2008, the RAVEN series has been synonymous with excellent cooling and unconventional designs. For the RAVEN RV04, the engineers were tasked with the goal of producing a design that utilizes a more traditional layout to match the performance of its 90 degree motherboard mounted predecessors. Inspiration was drawn from the highly successful Temjin TJ08-E, a Micro-ATX case with compact dimensions and best in class cooling performance, so the motherboard and the fans in the RV04 are mounted in similar fashion to obtain equally impressive performance in ATX form factor while allowing for excellent cable management.

Although smaller in volume compared to the benchmark RAVEN RV02 and with one less intake fan, the RV04 can actually accommodate more drives and still achieve the same level of cooling performance. This feat is the result of years of R&D on chassis thermal performance, fan design, and filters which contributed to RV04’s unrestricted airflow design and the development of HiFlow fan filters. Other nifty features such as CPU and graphic card supporter, removable motherboard tray, and externally accessible fan filter assembly are also included to facilitate assembly and maintenance. The exterior of RV04 utilizes the latest SilverStone design language with a one-piece like outer shell that creates a powerful presence on any desktop setting. Small details also adorn the exterior such as feather-like top elements that act as independent airflow channel for the PSU. For a chassis that started out with a front-to-back airflow design, the RAVEN RV04 has truly redefined tradition."

"Years of R&D"
"One piece-like outer shell" ?? :shadedshu
"Feather like top elements" ?? Looks to me that's more like "feather-light plastic elements"
"Has truly redefined tradition"

Looks like they just mention the former desing and then say this one here is much better.

Quick google didn't find a single image of the "cable management" side. I guess there's none.

Only thing it may have is well thought out cooling... BUT looking at the pictures I found, it seems like it has only one exhaust fan on the top (of the PSU btw!?) and one on the back at lower point... Doesn't look good.
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Hey SilverStone if you want to make a case like this then that's fine BUT please do not call it a RaVeN model it is nothing of the sort this thing is FUGLY where as the RaVeN RV01 and 02 are gorgeous cases the RV03 is gaudy at best but stuck with the 90 degree motherboard rotation... this POS monstrosity however doesn't even have that in common !!! :slap::shadedshu
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