Monday, June 3rd 2013

In Win Shows Off tòu Tempered Glass Chassis

In Win was always known to be extremely imaginative and experimental with its case designs. Its Computex booth more than lived up to that reputation. The first of In Win's creations for the season is named tòu, and lets builders of great rigs take a good look at themselves. In Win took "mirror finish" a little too literally. The tòu is made of an aluminum framework, with 3 mm-thick tempered glass mirror panels lining its asymmetric shape. The panels are translucent, and you should be able to see through. The glass is so tough, that In Win deemed it LAN transport worthy, and gave it handlebars. Afterall, where else would you get to show something like this off? The In Win tòu is an ATX full-tower with 7 expansion slot bays, a bottom-oriented 5.25-inch drive bay, two 2.5-inch, and three 3.5-inch internal bays, a PSU bay for shock-jockeys up to 220 mm long, and provisions for a 120 mm front intake, and three 120 mm top exhausts, which can be used to hold a 120 x 360 mm radiator.
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They should modify the front of the case to look like this with a moving red LED:
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OH, I have such a headache
OH for a Blue Ray DVD/RW! When???
Sweet looking case! Man that would be so hard to keep clean too!
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The finger printss!!! Ohh the humanity!
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Sp33d Junki3
In Win comes out with the craziest looking cases lately. The ideas they have is just fantastic.
I do like this case, but be scare to move it around.
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I hope they include a polish kit in the box...
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I hope that owners will keep Windex nearby.
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This case is not for the floor for obvious reasons :)

Ideal for a shop so you can control customers :D
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Mirrors.. I hate mirrors. But the design is damn cool!
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Pro Indian Modder
trickson, post: 2915138"
OH for a Blue Ray DVD/RW! When???
Sweet looking case! Man that would be so hard to keep clean too!
glass is the easiest thing to keep clean. just soap and water and news paper.
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Lovely Case any idea when the case will be ready for retail ?
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Bitfenix Prodigy custom VS InWin radically designed new ( Computex Taipei Jun 3, 2013)

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