Friday, June 7th 2013

Ducky Shine 3 Unveiled

DuckyChannel, the well known mechanical keyboard manufacturer from Taiwan, took the wraps off its new Shine 3 keyboard this week at Computex (Taipei) where it displayed pre-production versions of what seems to be an aesthetically augmented Ducky Shine 2. No details were given in regard to any functional upgrades, probably because at this stage things are nowhere near finalized, however from the pictures below and the video here we can clearly distinguish three different versions of the keyboard, a beautiful looking aluminium tray version, a green camo version with complementary green key caps and a vanilla black version as well. Probably the most distinctive feature of the new keyboard consists in the myriad lighting modes available to the user, and it is also the feature to surely make it to the production version, no such certainty for the aluminum tray or the camo color scheme.
Source: VR-Zone
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I could easily go for that Aluminium version :D
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I'm not one that typically goes for "ooh shiny", but the delayed responsive backlighting that comes with this looks gorgeous. On the Shine II you could press a key and it'd light up, but it'd immediately switch off when you released the key. On this one, it fades slowly, so you kind of get a raindrop effect as you type.

Edit: Seen here at 3:24
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Its from China not form China in the first sentence!
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tacosRcool said:
Its from China not form China in the first sentence!
Fixed, thanks.

I'm getting this keyboard, no doubt.
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:rockout:Love it! I wonder how much this babies would cost.
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They do look nice, but not big on LED keyboards. This is why I regret purchasing the cm quickfire tk. But love the Aluminum finish on it. So sexy.
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Ducky is a Taiwanese company not Chinese company.
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naraku said:
:rockout:Love it! I wonder how much this babies would cost.
Prolly $125++ :confused:

Im more interested in the ESC/PGup/PGdn key caps :laugh:
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News Editor
nexus_a said:
Ducky is a Taiwanese company not Chinese company.
Indeed, I blame the culture (always grouped with the Chinese brands in every discussion, top, poll, etc). :)
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TPU addict
One thing i loved about the Ducky keyboards is that they looked very solid but these don't unless it's just the pictures.

Needs to be fully programmable for me to buy it and looks like it's going be a Ryos if it ever hits the shelf's that is.
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Yes, but can you play Snake with it's LEDs?

Seriously tho, I didn't quite catch it if stated somewhere, but can it also light up in red color?
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Hilux SSRG
Glad I purchased my Shine II a few months back, the build quality is superb. The new Shine III spacebar is tacky looking. The Ducky Mini keyboard is looking good though.
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