Thursday, July 4th 2013

Douglas Engelbart Passes Away

Douglas Engelbart, the computing visionary who saw a future in the graphical user interface (GUI), and co-developed the modern mouse, passed away. He was 88. Engelbart conducted most of his work at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and his team's most noted work laid the foundation of the GUI and windowed multi-tasking as we know today. Among his inventions are windowed GUI, the mouse as we know it, hypertext (text on the screen that you click to perform a function), and networked computers. "The Mother of All Demos," nickname for a tech-demo presented by Engelbart, which dates back to 1968, reveals just how much we owe today's computing innovations to the groundbreaking work done by him and his team.
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10 Comments on Douglas Engelbart Passes Away

Thank you for your contribution Mr. Douglas, me and my wireless mouse salutes you :)
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Very good video. Thanks for linking it.
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Salutations full of thankfulness, oh, travelling man!
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No no no, Apple invented the mouse. Wait, what?

Thank you Douglas Engelbart for giving us this precise pointing device. I can't imagine using a computer without it these days. Either for work or gaming.
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I call Bullshit! Jobs invented everything...

that demo is awesome
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Always sad to such people go.
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Thanks you very much Mr. Engelbart! Rest in Peace dear good sir.
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Jun 25th, 2022 21:36 EDT change timezone

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