Tuesday, September 10th 2013

Apacer Debuts the AH353 USB 3.0 and AH330 USB 2.0 Flash Drives

Apacer, the pioneer in the global memory module industry, introduces the business class AH353 "Golden Wing" USB 3.0 flash drive featuring cost-effectiveness. The AH353 features a sleek and clean design with steady style and satisfies the needs of high-capacity with low profile. It is the best solution for business professionals and mobile users. The AH330 USB 2.0 flash drive will be launched simultaneously, available in three meticulously designed colors: sun struck orange, ocean blue and grape purple that offer a vogue and fascinating digital life.

The Apacer AH353 "Golden Wing" USB 3.0 flash drive is the most compact masterpiece among the same level products and boasts two advantages, compactness and super speed, making the AH353 the prime choice for portable storage products. The read speed is up to 80 MB/s, over 10 times faster than that of the USB 2.0 predecessors, which will shorten the file transmission time, and provides the high mobility user experience of USB 3.0.
The lightweight and durable AH353 and AH330 adopt aluminum alloy materials, which create a unique and exquisite metallic appearance showcasing the high-tech element. The engraved lines on the body reflect the nature of high-speed, trimmed with arc design to enhance the texture and enrich its light and shadow changes.

The AH353 features champagne gold as color theme, while the AH330 rolls out in sun struck orange, ocean blue and grape purple. With the strap hole at the end of the flash drive, users can freely attach straps or a key chain to show their personal style. The Pen Cap Design allows the cap to be tucked in the back of the casing to prevent accidental loss. The AH330 is available in four capacities: 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and offers exclusive ACE compression software, which expands the storage capacity by up to 500%, more than sufficient for bulk storage.
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