Wednesday, September 11th 2013

I-O Data Announces Six New LCD Monitors

I-O Data today revealed the addition of six new monitors to its product offer. This release wave includes the 23.6-inch LCD-MF243E and LCD-AD242E, the 23-inch LCD-MF235XBR, the 21.5-inch LCD-MF223EB and LCD-AD222E, and the 18.5-inch LCD-AD193E. Coming in both black and white versions (with the exception of the LCD-MF235XBR), these displays feature an LED backlight, a TFT panel (the LCD-AD193E has a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the rest are all 1920 x 1080), a 5 ms response time, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and a three-year warranty.

The LCD-AD193E, LCD-MF223E, LCD-MF243E and LCD-MF235XBR also have built-in stereo speakers, while all include VGA and DVI connectivity. HDMI is available on the LCD-MF223E, LCD-MF243E and LCD-MF235XBR.

I-O Data will start rolling out the LCD-MF235XBR, LCD-MF243E and LCD-AD242E at the end of this month, whereas the rest will debut in October.
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Ahh yes, gotta love the space-heating capabilities of LCDs.
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TL;DR six new monitors that all suck.
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