Tuesday, September 17th 2013

Sharkoon Announces Availability of FireGlider Optical Gaming Mouse

Sharkoon has expanded their range of gaming peripherals and presents a revised version of the popular FireGlider gaming mouse for lovers of optical mice. The new "FireGlider Optical" is now equipped with an optical sensor, which offers up to 3,000 DPI and 3,600 FPS. Through the DPI selector, the sampling rate of the sensors can be adjusted up to five levels from 400 to a maximum 3,000 DPI. The DPI levels are represented with different colors or color combinations.

The proven layout of the FireGlider was maintained and provides a matte finish with flame design. As before, the thumb rest ensures a secure hold. In the bottom of the FireGlider Optical is the famous Weight Tuning System, which consists of seven interchangeable metal weights. Thus, the weight of the mouse can be adjusted from 118 grams up to a maximum of 135 grams. Players can adjust the weight to suit personal preferences.
Five of the seven buttons are freely programmable with functions being assigned through the included software. In addition, individual macros can be created and transferred to the onboard memory of the mouse. The FireGlider Optical connects through its 180 cm long textile coated cable with gold-plated USB plug.

Included within the packaging is a CD containing the configurations software and manual, an additional set of synthetic mouse feet as well as a transport pouch.

End customers will find the Sharkoon FireGlider Optical Gaming Mouse available for the suggested retail price of 17.99 euros from authorized retailers.
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Gaming Moderator
Uh, I've owned this mouse since 2009... I see no difference.
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It's rebranded a4tech. There are better mice to be had for the same amount of money. Or less.
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which better mouse? Also can I already buy this?
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pidgin said:
which better mouse? Also can I already buy this?
That's the official website: http://www.x7.cn/en/product.asp?id=10 , from the search you can find what type you want, because I can't post all the types. But all those are the same or less price point: depend on your reseller. About this particular mice, here is the original: I will only give you the models, you can google them if you want.

A4TECH F4 V-Track
A4TECH X-748K Oscar edition

All the "Bloody" - branded products, same price (20 euro or little less):


And that's just one manifacturer.
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