Wednesday, September 18th 2013

Thermaltake Announces Urban S31 Snow Edition

Thermaltake is preparing Snow Edition (white) trims across its Urban series of cases, beginning with the Urban S31. The ATX mid-tower received Snow Edition treatment for both its standard (model: VP700M6N2N) and windowed (model: VP700M6W2N) variants. The trim involves matte-white plastic or steel panels overall, with a silvery brushed faux-aluminium facade. The interiors are kept black, with hints of white on the drive-bay tool-free locks. The top air vent features a nice contrasting black grille. Aside from these, the two cases are every bit identical to the March 2013-launched original.
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I could definitely get behind this.
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Thermaltake getting their mojo back? I certainly hope so.
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the feet kinda too big for the case, the rest looks pretty good
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This chassis instills class and a modern look. A far cry from early frivolous Thermaltake plastic happy, "extreme gaming", targetted for the 12 year old demograph, chassis.. (which sadly, they were still sporting even in 2012 I think). About time they woke up and thought to themselves that this isn't the early 2000s anymore.
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I have just received an official reply from Thermaltake regarding my inquiry about Urban S31 Snow Edition's release date.

They say, quote: "Thank you for your interest in our products. The next shipment is expected in January 2014". They didn't mention the price and specific models although I specifically asked about S31 Urban Snow Edition. The release date may also depend on a country.
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