Friday, September 20th 2013

QNAP Security Releases VioStor NVR Firmware v4.1.1

QNAP Security, a professional Linux-based stand-alone NVR provider, today updated their VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.1 with an enhanced storage expansion solution. The new firmware also supports a range of AXIS IP cameras for edge recording and two-way audio functions.

"We are glad that the favorable VioStor NVR storage expansion solution now applies to selective Turbo NAS models with the latest QTS operating system v4.0.2," said Andrew Yu, product manager of QNAP Security. "Now more QNAP users can easily expand their NVR's storage capacity and enjoy the intuitive QTS 4.0 Turbo NAS management system." By installing the StorageExpansion app (QPKG) on a Turbo NAS, administrators can connect their VioStor NVR with the Turbo NAS via network to flexibly enlarge the total storage capacity of the VioStor NVR.
The VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.1 supports a range of AXIS IP cameras for edge recording function. If an unexpected disconnection disrupts the VioStor NVR's recording from monitored IP camera(s), the edge recording feature enables the VioStor NVR to retrieve missing videos that have been temporarily stored on the cameras once the network connection is restored, ensuring a stream of uninterrupted footage from important cameras. Edge recording also provides users with the convenience of a flexible schedule to retrieve missing videos from their cameras.

AXIS IP cameras that feature two-way audio functions are supported by VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.1. Allowing administrators to mutually communicate with people near the IP cameras through attached microphones and speakers, this feature is especially helpful in providing real-time guidance remotely in situations such as an elevator malfunction or fire.

The VioStor NVR now is compatible with over 2,200 IP camera models from 94 popular worldwide brands. Businesses can enjoy high flexibility in deploying their ideal surveillance solution with the broad-ranged offering of compatible IP cameras.

The storage expansion solution is available for VioStor NVR Pro(+) series with firmware v4.1.1 or newer and the Turbo NAS TS-x69, x79, x70 series with QTS operating system v4.0.2.

The edge recording function is supported by the following AXIS IP cameras: P1343, P1344, P3343, P5534, M5013 and Q1602.

To download the VioStor v4.1.1 firmware upgrade, please go here.
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