Monday, October 28th 2013

Team Group Announces T134 Winter Exclusive Glove Flash Drive

As the romantic white season arrives, Team Group launches the Team T134 UFD of winter models with "winter fun, feather light" as the theme. The romantic design of the snowy white coating dotted with light-colored gloves and the winter pattern of snowflakes and dazzling stars will let you embrace the warmest winter time.

Team Group announces the new USB 2.0 flash drive-Team T134. Combining winter elements, the flash drive is designed like a warm and lovely glove. The flash drive uses the COB process and has a light and compact exterior, making it easy to carry. Its unique design includes the use of flexible silicone material to make it shock-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof. The thoughtful Team's logo tag design allows you to fix the glove cap directly onto the tag when you use the T134 for data transmission, to eliminate the worry of losing the cover. The removable beads may be used freely with accessories to create a lively and unique personal style.
The design concept was inspired by winter gloves. Team T134 has two warm and cozy colors, lively green and soft pink. These colors and the classic snowflake totem on the glove will bring warmth to the cold winter. Whether it is for your own personal use or for a gift, it is the best choice. The limited edition of the T134 winter glove UFD also introduces three capacities, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, for consumers to choose. In addition to being a valuable keepsake, it comes with an original lifetime warranty to preserve all of the owner's wonderful memories. In this way, the Team Group extends their intimate and warm blessings. Still worry about the gift exchange for the Christmas party this year? Be prepared with Team T134. It will provide a pleasant surprise and bring glove-like warmth to the receiver!
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