Thursday, November 7th 2013

Innodisk to Debut 1M+ IOPS FlexiRemap Technology at Supercomputing Conference

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of SSDs for industrial applications, is pleased to announce the debut of the FlexiArray SE108 at Supercomputing Conference 2013. This new storage appliance incorporates 8 SSDs to achieve great IOPS in a 1U rack-mount form factor. Join Innodisk at Supercomputing Conference 2013 in Denver, Colorado, USA, from November 18 to 21 to explore FlexiArray SE108, and see a live demonstration.

Innodisk's new FlexiArray product line, powered by Innodisk FlexiRemap technology, boosts IOPS (Input /Output Per Second) through Innodisk's advanced SSDs and an optimized OS - breaking the I/O storage bottleneck, without breaking the bank. FlexiRemap technology, Innodisk's innovation in system software and SSD firmware design, greatly improves performance of random write operations.
Innodisk FlexiArray is an enterprise grade storage appliance designed to provide cost effective performance for high performance computing, cloud computing, and I/O bound server applications. Typical application areas include cloud computing, virtualization, and high performance computing. Initial products in the FlexiArray series include the slim SE108 for up to 2 TB of storage in a 1U rack-mount package, and the powerful HD224, offering up to 8 TB in a 2U rack-mount unit, with 8 x 10GbE SFP+ interfaces. Both units offer redundant hot-swappable SSDs and power modules.

Making high IOPS affordable
Unlike existing proprietary technologies that are expensive and custom-built for each application, Innodisk offers a cost-effective, enterprise-grade storage solution for customers that need high-speed data access. Innodisk FlexiRemap technology deals with the challenges of I/O performance, data endurance, and affordability through innovation in software and firmware, creating a new category of flash-collaborating storage appliances (in contrast to flash-aware or flash-optimized) that will deliver sustained high IOPS, even for random write operations.

FlexiArray features flash-collaborating architecture, sustained high IOPS for random writes, data protection groups, cross-drive wear leveling for optimum health and life span, and standardized, hot-swappable components in rack-mount form factors.

See FlexiArray at Supercomputing Conference 2013
Meet Innodisk's team and find out more about Innodisk FlexiRemap, with a live demonstration of 1M+ IOPS performance, at Supercomputing Conference 2013 in Denver, Colorado, from November 18 to 21. Innodisk will be at booth 3636 in the Colorado Convention Center.

Innodisk will also be speaking in a special forum at Supercomputing Conference 2013: "Building High IOPS Flash Array with Innodisk FlexiRemap Technology." Join speaker, Charles Tsai, Senior Director of the Cloud Storage Technology Center at Innodisk, to explore the benefits of FlexiArray and FlexiRemap. The forum will be held on Tuesday, November 19, in room 503/504.

Throughout the show, Innodisk will be showing live demonstrations of the FlexiArray SE108. This new storage appliance comprises a 1U rack mount with 8 SSDs. In addition, Innodisk will be demonstrating the power of its FlexiRemap technology, in the form of the 2.5 inch SSDs and PCIe SSDs.

Find out more about Innodisk FlexiRemap technology, and see detailed specifications for FlexiArray SE108 and HD224 storage appliances now, on Innodisk's website at:
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