Tuesday, November 19th 2013

Presenting the All New TechPowerUp Forums

We're excited to present the all new TechPowerUp Forums, which features a swanky new user interface that keeps up with the times with its easier to read fonts, quicker to grasp user interface, and new sharing and collaboration features. The new TechPowerUp Forums leverages XenForo, a powerful new bulletin board software that's snappy to load and use. The best part? We've managed a smooth port of our five-plus year old TechPowerUp Forums content, including all its users, user-groups, sections, threads, and posts. With over 68,000 users, over 180,000 threads, and close to 3 million posts, TechPowerUp Forums is one of the biggest communities for PC enthusiasts on the web.

Check out the All New TechPowerUp Forums
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31 Comments on Presenting the All New TechPowerUp Forums

oh its lovely but why does it say im a new member? Edit: looks like its fixed
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It is not that bright actually, and I easily find stuff too bright on-screen. Check out the monitor calibration guide in my signature and see whether that helps. Although the light blue quote blocks are a bit on the light side writing in terms of contrast, and the orange hypertext that expands them is badly readable (too light).

Guys who have the FS threads combined in one (ongoing) thread, may find difficulties updating their first posts to add stuf or mark products as sold.
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I think it's great, people just like to whine as they miss the old crudd...
Oh and it also integrates much nicer with the "new" site.
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Blín D'ñero
BIG Improvement!

It's all good, except the "Report" in every post, is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to hit accidentally. [EDIT: no, it's on the other side... not too easy to mishit /edit] WHY is it a word instead of an icon?! Really bad/weak design decision. WHY???!

For the rest: excellent and congrats with the new improved looks.
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Its ok, ill get used to it I guess but I do agree with others its to bright.
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Thanks for the hard work.
Looks great and easy to use.

Ruben M.
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