Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Lian Li Releases the PC-V358 M-ATX Chassis in North America

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today releases the brushed aluminum M-ATX cube chassis - PC-V358 - in North America. The PC-V358 provides plenty of working space for DIY builders. Builders can swing open the top and front panel of this brushed aluminum chassis providing easy access to the internal components. 240mm radiators as well as AIO liquid cooling kits can be installed on a hinged bracket. The bracket is secured by thumbscrews and can be swung open on its hinge to allow for easy access of the internal components. The bracket can also be removed for fan/radiator mounting as well as taken off completely if not being used.
Compartmentalized Heat Zone Design
The Lian Li PC-V358 has a two compartment design that separates the hardware into heat zones. The top section holds the motherboard, graphics card and 2.5" drives, while the bottom compartment holds the PSU and 3.5" hard drives.

Two front 120mm fans with dust filters bring cool air inside the chassis. A rear 120mm fan pulls the hardware damaging hot air out.

Full Hardware Compatibility
The PC-V358 can hold an impressive amount of hardware. VGA cards up to 330mm (12.9") and power supplies up to 200mm (7.8") in length are supported. The PC-V358 also supports CPU coolers up to 130mm in height.

Up to six 3.5" hard drives and two 2.5" drives can be installed inside this fully aluminum chassis. This M-ATX chassis also supports slim optical drives.

Tool-Less Installations and Features
The PC-V358 has pop-off side panels for simplified installations, upgrades and maintenance. All the hard drives, 3.5" and 2.5", can be mounted tool-lessly with thumbscrews with rubber suspensions. Additionally, both hard drive cages can be completely taken out with the removal of a couple of thumbscrews.

The I/O panel is located at the front of the right side panel. Connections include two USB ports and HD audio.

Price and Availability
The PC-V358 will be available at the end of December on Newegg for the suggested retail price of $179. For more information, visit the product page.
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3 Comments on Lian Li Releases the PC-V358 M-ATX Chassis in North America

That is a pretty damn awesome case...always nice to see them innovating towards the 'new normal' slightly in front of most. I might just have to buy one and get back into more high-end stuff (as I would have space for really long cards again...my case could handle a full-size high-end card but it would go from back to almost hitting the front fan, restricting airflow pretty bad...there is a reason it is only specced to 250mm and not what it can really fit).

For those wondering but not aware, most shelving/cabinets are around a little over 16 to 18 inches deep, this case is 15.2. The width is obviously accommodating for the standard rack space by a good margin (for airflow), and height is 11.25....so it could fit on a 12'' shelf space or behind a door of a cabinet (yeah, I know...perhaps not the best plan, but still).

It may look odd, as lian li stuff generally does, but when you break down why they make something a certain shape/size, and then how they use that space to accommodate the most stuff they can, you can see why they are so well-regarded. They are perhaps niche until you realize how utilitarian and thoughtful they are component-size wise versus a footprint most people can take advantage of; if you want a shelf/cabinet case that will fit without sacrificing certain aspects (like height for a decent cooler height, space for a gfx card/power supply etc), or are even thinking of down-sizing from a full-size tower without losing an enthusiast system, you can count on them to have something of quality that will work. Expensive, but worth it if they fit what you're trying to do.
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Nice looking chassis - the "flippable" top/front panel will make it easy to build in - but I think they missed a trick by not having a vent above the CPU for air coolers (in a system of this size you are not going to be able to fit a tower-type cooler).

Also don't like the IO being on the side panel, would've preferred if they'd moved it to the front and maybe hidden it behind a door. Two more front USB ports would've been nice.

Finally, they should've provided the option for a full-size 5.25" bay door for things like fan controllers.
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Looks like someones feeling the pressure from CaseLabs...
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