Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Gyration Inc. Introduces the Gyration Air Mouse Mobile

SMK-Link Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics and owner of Gyration, Inc., today announced recent enhancements in the wireless performance of its Gyration Air Mouse Mobile. With its compact design, desktop performance and precise 'in air' cursor navigation, the Air Mouse Mobile is the ideal travel mouse for road warriors, students, professionals, military and casual laptop users.

"With the advent of laptop computers, mouse control was relegated first to eraser-tip joysticks and then later to touchpads. But to this day, most users find these neither as quick nor as accurate as a quality desktop mouse," said John Blair, General Manager of Branded Products for SMK-Link and Gyration. "The enhanced Gyration Air Mouse Mobile, designed and engineered for business travelers, students, and indeed anyone carrying a laptop, delivers precise cursor control that is precise and satisfying."
"But the Gyration Air Mouse Mobile is much more than just a mouse," continued Mr. Blair. "Pick up the Gyration Mobile and instantly have handheld wireless control of your laptop applications from up to 100 feet away. It's perfect for presentations, lectures, electronic whiteboards and more. So toss an Air Mouse Mobile into your travel bag, and 'raise the bar' for laptop productivity. You just might find that you end up using it on your desktop as well."

The Gyration Air Mouse Mobile's desktop performance and gesture-based cursor control, in conjunction with its road-ready design and proven durability, make it a high performance, low maintenance laptop mouse solution.

Media Points
  • Gyration Air Mouse Mobile
  • Laptop and gesture-controlled handheld mouse
  • Road-ready design and durability
  • Robust 100' (30 meter) wireless range
  • Dock-able USB wireless receiver
  • User-assignable buttons
  • Includes MotionTools software
  • Windows and OS X compatible
  • MSRP: $59.99
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