Wednesday, December 18th 2013

GELID Launches the SpeedTouch 6 Fan Controller

Computer hardware specialist GELID Solutions reveals the "SpeedTouch 6" fan controller of its GAMER product line.

Engineers at GELID Solutions have created a LED fan controller with a touch screen capacitive type. The "SpeedTouch 6" provides a total of 6 channels with 30W performance per channel. This fan controller with an aluminum case is fully compatible to all types of fans using voltage control. Each channel includes a temperature sensor. The speed of each channel can be adjusted automatically or manually. To ensure a definite fan speed accuracy the fan speed is displayed at second digits accuracy e.g if the effective speed is 1653 RPM then it will be displayed as 1650 RPM. The temperature is shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Even the brightness of the control panel can be adjusted according to desire.
The fan controller is RoHS and WEEE conform and carries a 2-year warranty.

"This fan controller allows users to manage up to 6 fans individually with an easy touch Screen interface", said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

This fan controller is available now for a MSRP of USD 35 or Euro 29.
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what? no usb connection to the mainboard? NOOOOOO!

atleast usb to rs232 should be there as an rs232 pinout to talk to it and to software adjustments
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