Wednesday, December 18th 2013

Spansion Introduces Industry's Highest-Performance 1.8V Serial NOR Flash Memory

Spansion Inc., a global leader in embedded systems solutions, today expanded the company's high-speed Serial NOR portfolio with a high-performance family of 1.8V flash devices, the Spansion FS-S Serial Flash family.

With read speeds up to 133 MHz in Single/Dual/Quad I/O mode and 80 MHz in double data rate (DDR) mode, the FS-S family delivers up to 80 MBytes/second (MB/s) of read throughput and is 50 percent faster than competing solutions. In addition, industry leading programming performance of up to 1.08 MB/s - twice the programming speed of competing solutions - accelerates manufacturing throughput and lowers programming costs dramatically. Spansion's FS-S family also offers the fastest erase time in the industry of up to 0.5 MB/s.
Spansion's high-performance, low pin count, FS-S family is ideal for a broad range of applications, including network storage, tolling systems, automotive, smart meters, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), digital still cameras, medical devices, printers, base stations and Bluetooth devices. The family currently offers 128 Mb and 256 Mb densities, with other densities planned in the near future.

"There is a growing demand for lower voltage, high-performance devices as increased functionality and features are added to a variety of low-power devices," said Anup Sidhu, NOR product marketing director, Spansion. "The Spansion FS-S family provides the highest performance 1.8V Serial NOR for both new designs as well as for upgrades to existing solutions."

Spansion FS-S Serial Flash memories offer high densities with reduced pin count coupled with the flexibility and fast performance required by a variety of embedded applications and are ideal for code shadowing, execute in place (XIP) and data storage. The Spansion FS-S family of serial flash devices is available now.

Spansion FS-S Family Key Facts:
  • Vcc range of 1.7V - 2.0V
  • FS128S packages: 8-land WSON 6x5 mm, 8-pin SOIC (208 mil) and 24-ball BGA 6x8 mm
  • FS256S packages: 8-land WSON 8x6 mm, 16-pin SOIC (300 mil) and 24-ball BGA 6x8 mm
  • Single, Dual and Quad I/O Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI) up to 133 MHz clock frequency
  • Industry Leading DDR 80MHz Quad SPI, approximately 50 percent faster than alternative 128Mb and 256Mb solutions
  • Up to 1.08 MB/s program speed that increases manufacturing throughput and lowers overall costs
  • Industrial (-40 degrees to +85 degrees) and Auto (-40 degrees to 105 degrees C) temperature ranges
  • JEDEC JESD216 Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP)
  • Quad Peripheral Interface (QPI) mode
  • Industry-standard 3 Byte addressing for 128Mb and extended 32-bit addressing (4 Bytes) for 256Mb densities
  • Advanced Security features with 1024-byte one time programmable (OTP) area, individual sector protection, and hardware and software data protection
  • Unique 128-bit ID for system authentication and additional security
  • Customized software drivers and Flash File System (FFS) software
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