Wednesday, December 18th 2013

Addonics Announces Two New 6 Gbps Port Multipliers

Addonics Technologies today announced two new members of its Port Multiplier family, both designed to support SATA 3.0 6 Gbps and greatly enhance the storage capabilities for a wide range of computer systems.

The new products are the Internal 5-port 6G Port Multiplier, which is an excellent solution for adding more drives to a computer that has limited SATA ports, and the 5-Port 6G Rack Mount Port Multiplier, which has more flexibility for large volume storage needs. As many as five hard drives, SSD or optical drives can be connected to these PMs. The hard drives or SSD drives appear as five individual drives when connecting to a Port Multiplier compatible controller. The drives can also be set up as a RAID group using the RAID software of the OS or the host controller.
The Internal 5-port 6G Port Multiplier is designed to be mounted into an add-on card slot of any standard desktop or low profile system. It connects up to 5 SATA hard drives or optical drives into a single SATA port on a system board or on an add-in controller. MSRP is $69.95.

The 5-Port 6G Rack Mount Port Multiplier can connect up to 5 SATA hard drives or SSDs to a computer using one eSATA connection . It can be mounted onto the Addonics family of Storage Towers, Storage Racks, or a standard drive enclosure that has a SCSI-I (Centronics 50) interface.

The 5-Port 6G Rack Mount Port Multiplier has more flexibility for large volume storage needs because when multiple PMs are combined with an Addonics 4-Port eSATA controller, you can attach to any desktop or server computer up to 20 SATA hard drives via one host controller. MSRP is $75.
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oh thats nice, i love port multipliers they are great but some of the addon sata controllers on intel boards don't like PM at all...

i remember one board that had an esata on the back that came of one of the 4 Sata addon ports not directly from the intel chip thus i didn't like the big backup storage drive with pm inside of their cases :-(

it would be nice if the tested some of the chipsets and or addon ones to show some working compatability

75€ for trial and error is way too much, even for very limited small mitx itx boards that have less sata ports you can get passive miniPCIe adapters to bring out the lost sata connector there or just buy an sata mini-pcie card with two ports (some rare units have even 4!) on them.

PM makes sense for big hdd arrays where you do backups, like if have to sometimes for landscape data theres no system with enought sata ports, an no my sas to sata controller is fully populated with 24 or 26? drives.. i don't know just nice to see some PM finaly for Sata 6
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